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Thread: Does "Ignore User" = "Block User"

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    That's an underwhelming number.

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    Originally Posted by Old Duck View Post (Source)
    Okay, good to know. It's quite rare I "ignore" someone, usually only if they are being rude / trollish specifically for the sake of being rude / trollish. There's been at least one person who has been stalker-like, thus I was hoping to have a block option. That said, it's wise to keep IRL details to a minimal in general, then I won't need to worry about lurker stalkers even if they can see what I post.
    Others quoting someone in your ignore list, can be seen by you.

    WHAT!? You think I said or did something wrong again? Blame T.j's cat.

    8 out of 10 Cats, have me on their ignore lists: 5 out of 10 posters; have me on their kill lists?

    Oh dear, it seems that I have joined the Elite. Does that mean, that now I have to oppress the masses?

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    Originally Posted by Chris Simon View Post (Source)
    That's an underwhelming number.
    Don't worry, sweetie.
    Maybe it's down to the fact that you're usually coming out as a cute carebear when you try to troll people.
    This user has crossed all sorts of lines and was banished into darkness.

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    As long as I'm not on Obsidian Ant's ignore list, I'm happy He's my hero!
    I used to love Elite: Dangerous... Someday I hope to love it again.

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