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  • 01 - JetsonRING - On Approach

    3 27.27%
  • 02 - RoyalHankey - A bit of a trip out for the one and i think it's time we set a limit on title lengths

    1 9.09%
  • 03 - Edith_The_Hutt - A Desperate Plan

    2 18.18%
  • 04 - JetsonRING - What a mess . . .

    2 18.18%
  • 05 - Edith_The_Hutt - It's a slow day at work today. I wrote a companion piece for my drabble:

    1 9.09%
  • 06 - phong - Definitely not the one about Simoof disguised as a bosky maiden,struggling with his bustle .

    1 9.09%
  • 07 - insanephoton - Teatime troubles

    2 18.18%
  • 08 - Listeri69 - What's Brown and Sticky?

    4 36.36%
  • 09 - psykokow - Rodders, I have an idea...

    6 54.55%
  • 10 - T.j - I'm back and it's as bad as ever....

    4 36.36%
  • 11 - Goose4291 - First Contact

    3 27.27%
  • 12 - Simoof - Flushing Out the enemy - A story of lifes universal struggle.

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Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest #202: Mega Ships

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    Drabble Short Story Contest #202: Mega Ships

    Welcome to the world's greatest Drabble competition that's based on stories around the Elite galaxy.

    Congratulations Insanephoton. Your choice this week was "Mega Ships".

    Psykokow hosts the Abraka-Drabble live reading show and "comedy" hour at 7pm BST, Fridays on...
    HUTTON ORBITAL RADIO! (audio only)
    LAVE RADIO! (audio only)
    TWITCH! (audio & visual)
    and will also be uploaded to his You-tube channel & anywhere else he can inflict the world with our drabblings!

    Come back on Sunday night to see how well your Drabble has done. At least come back before Monday 15:00 to check if you're the one that has to provide us with a topic.

    Please vote. And a warning to all of the contestants, Don't vote for yourself

    01 - JetsonRING - On Approach

    The ZURARA was big, though "big" was decidedly an understatement. She was enormous.

    Closing the last several kilometers of his approach CMDR Zoloft kept thinking at any second he was going to crash into the giant,
    his mind just couldn’t get a fix on the SCALE of the colussus until he saw the little living dots,
    teeny space-suited figures like ants moving about the hull and performing repairs.

    Bigger than any space ship he'd ever seen, this "mega" ship appeared larger than any space STATION he'd ever seen. Zoloft hoped those great, big defense lasers didn’t twitch in his direction . . .

    02 - RoyalHankey - A bit of a trip out for the one and only King Saint John Hawke. How to discover the mystery of Winnard's Hole and why Waypoint scoops are more popular. For the MUG!!!!.

    King Saint John Hawke after making triple Elite decided to hunt for something big.
    He took his asp and headed it in a random direction.
    He didn't know where he was going but just headed out of the bubble.
    All you could hear from his ship was waypoint scoop, waypoint scoop.
    It was a new phrase that Commander Chris Hankey started.
    After several more waypoint scoops he saw a blip on his scanner.
    Was it a mega ship, what type of mega ship.
    On arrival he scanned the object.
    It came from Winnard's Hole, it was a brown mega sh-it.

    03 - Edith_The_Hutt - A Desperate Plan

    The Thargoid broods had awoken and the harvest of humanity was begun. Lave, Diso and Leesti fell within a week, the grand fleets at Sol and Archenar were making glorious last stands as a large octagonal ship sped towards Hutton Orbital.

    Kow gazed on Simoof’s creation: with two-thousand mugs, some leftover radio gear and one of Frank’s old Janx bottles his brother had fashioned a station-sized hyperspace drive. It was a work of unmitigated genius.

    The makeshift megaship sliced through witchspace, untwisting the skein of Einstein-Newtonian reality and emerging… 0.23 light years from Alpha Centauri.

    Simoof’s reputation returned to form.

    04 - JetsonRING - What a mess . . .

    They breached the airlock of the derelict mega-ship and the crew spread out to search for survivors. There were signs of weapons fire and the place had been sacked. Dead Thargs were scattered everywhere, some with obvious battle wounds, but where were the human passengers and crew? Had they escaped? Been taken prisoner? Had they abandoned the ship, been long gone or even dead a century before the Thargs even arrived? What in Hell happened here?
    Then the crew found the ships mess hall and their questions regarding the human crew and passengers were answered in a most grisly fashion . . .

    05 - Edith_The_Hutt - It's a slow day at work today. I wrote a companion piece for my drabble:

    Humanity was in ruins, the Thargoids burned it down,
    Aboard Hutton Orbital the last hope could be found,
    He was a mere technician neither fearsome nor brave,
    His name was Simoof, and he drove the biggest station west of Lave.

    The Thargoids send a raider, a big old ugly thug,
    Simoof frowned and he reached for his trusty mug,
    He wouldn’t let this station feed an alien hive,
    From gin bottles and radio bits he built a Hyperdrive.

    The Mugaship made its jump with a mighty pop,
    Now the truckers were riding their very own truck stop,
    The jump range might be tiny but the fuel stocks would last,
    They’d raided Cecil’s quarters and stolen his booze stash.

    They saved Captain Deathlock from a nasty bug,
    While Snoswell distracted it, Kow whacked it with a mug,
    Then they sailed their megaship across the empty void,
    Until they found Colonia, a haven from Thargoid.

    Now Hutton broadcasts loud and clear around a brand new sun,
    Point two-two light years from its star, the drive is half the fun,
    Aboard is a technician, the outpost he did save,
    His name was Simoof, and he drove the biggest station west of Lave.

    06 - phong - Definitely not the one about Simoof disguised as a bosky maiden,struggling with his bustle .

    The biggest problem facing the long term expansionist plans of both the federation and the empire
    was boredom.It seemed the further a ship got from known inhabited space,the greater the drop
    in morale.Discipline suffered and accidents became more frequent.The smallest and most trivial of
    incidents would sometimes develop into bloody brawl.Sloths were restricted to quarters.Months
    passed and tensions mounted in inverse propotion to density of the stars,as everyone waited for
    the other shoe to drop.Monotony was rife,and the spectre of mutiny haunted the decks and
    passageways,stoking the fires of insubordination.

    07 - insanephoton - Teatime troubles

    The moderators had gathered on the bridge of the Moderators' Mega Ship Brett C. There had been some dispute about the name, with some moderators arguing that people would constantly ask about what had happened to Brett A and B. Their complaints would soon be silenced by a wail from the galley.

    Vast amounts of supplies had been loaded onto the ship for it's maiden voyage including thousands of tonnes of tea.

    In the galley Kow rocked back and forth wailing 'It's not here, I can't find it'
    'What can't you find?
    'The blinking kettle'
    'I blame T.J.' fumed Brett

    08 - Listeri69 - What's Brown and Sticky?

    'Where the hell did that come from?' Psykokow turned in the cockpit...
    'It's not mine' Simoof exclaimed 'No way'
    'So your telling me a random mega-shlt has just some how floated into our cockpit?'
    'I'm telling you it's not mine, if that was mine it'd be bubble shaped and wobbly, where that is obviously very solid and nutty'
    'Well get it out the airlock it's smacked me on the back of the head twice now..'
    'Right put your remlock on i'm evacuating this turd'


    'Right now how how about we have a snack'


    'Have you seen my snickers?'

    09 - psykokow - Rodders, I have an idea...

    We've got some half cut pilot on his way to barnards star,
    Some freak in deep freeze, who kept showing off his scars,
    Odd domes, slow trains, and there is no gravity,
    Rotating rings that spin and spin, making everybody bolk,
    Bolk, Bolk, Bolk, Bolk, Bolk, Bolk, Bolk, Bolk, ……...
    No plotted course, no ETA’s,
    Poor life support, no guarantees,
    Fed or Imp, rich and poor,
    Nightly Bingo that’s for sure......
    Here on Mecca Ships,
    God Bless Mecca Ships,
    Long Haul Mecca Ships,
    They sit quite Still, Mecca Ships,
    Lots of Balls, Mecca Ships,
    Mecca Ships
    Mecca Ships
    Mecca Ships..

    10 - T.j - I'm back and it's as bad as ever....

    Kow searched desperately for anyone to blame.

    Nobody would make eye contact with him, they were too busy vomiting.

    His feeling of shame grew as the essence of his appalling blunder further pervaded the room increasing the explosive upchucking.

    The others stuffed corks up their noses and advanced brandishing iron-bars.

    Murder was in their eyes.

    Kow backed up against the wall brushing the sign with his pudgy arm wiping a blob of porridge away "But look!!" he exclaimed.. "Ahhhhhh... it's a P."

    The violent beating finished knocking the rest of it out of him making His onsie fill up again.

    11 - Goose4291 - First Contact

    The salvage ship Hare had been travelling in supercruise for the past week. The moment of truth drew near.

    Neehaus leaned over the pilots chair "This better pay off, Mike."

    "Relax skip, I checked the archives myself to validate."

    A few thousand light seconds out the target rove into view. Mike pulled the Hare out of supercruise. She glid gracefully onto the ageing hulks bow, revealing her nameplate: 'Leda'.

    Leda's crew were trying to make contact with the Hare using antiquated comms equipment

    Neehaus jammed it and addressed the boarding team.

    "Bring us into dock. Sweep and leave no survivors."

    12 - Simoof - Flushing Out the enemy - A story of lifes universal struggle.

    The captain exited the small chamber.
    "Phew, I wouldn't go in there for a while!" he said while wafting his hand.
    "Is it not awfully early in this story to have a pun" Asked Commander Wallbreaker the 4th.
    "Couldn't hold it in any longer. We had breach."
    Alarms whirred alerting the crew to a biological contaminant.
    Graphical displays confirmed it as non-lethal but highly unpleasant.
    "What now?" Wallbreaker asked.
    "Well they did try to kill me, not my fault they transported into the sanitisation pod behind me; great plan Doc! So lets go and check our their huge fkn ship."

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    Well done for a convincing win with a good drabble,kow.Even if a lot of it was balls.