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Thread: Gameplay style: How many Cmdr's own just one ship?

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    Gameplay style: How many Cmdr's own just one ship?

    Quick question, more to get a feeling for the community and perhaps to see if I am crazy.
    Since my last restart (about 5 months ago) I have built up a nice collection of (non-rank locked) ships designed for all the in-game activities I like to do - a couple even tailor-made for certain mission types.
    As an aside I buy and sell ships like most folks change socks - what else you going to do with your money? However I sometimes think that having a ship for every situation and use may...kinda?...take something from the game in that you can do anything, and succeed, with little thought or planning as you have a perfect ship for every occasion. Just grabbed the right ship and go.

    So, I was thinking of getting rid of everything and just keeping one ship, and trying to "make do" with just one to bring back a sense of...something. More thinking and planning about what I am doing and why? Don't really know and it may just be time to "change my socks."

    Do any Cmdr's here dedicate themselves to just one ship, and fly it exclusively?
    Seems like most(?) go for the fleet concept - at least in reading in here.

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    I own quite a few, but I probably fly my Cutter ten times more than the rest combined.

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    I don't have just one, but I've only got about five, mostly tailored to fairly specific purposes:

    Asp Explorer for, er, exploring.
    Dolphin for passenger missions.
    Python for mission running/trade
    Cobra for combat related hijinks
    Sidey for nostalgia.

    Frankly I don't need the Sidey since the Dolphin is just as nimble and far more useful, and I arguably could do away with the Cobra. Except I won't, because Cobra.

    At this stage I can't see me buying anything else.

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    Originally Posted by DukeIronHand View Post (Source)

    So, I was thinking of getting rid of everything and just keeping one ship, and trying to "make do" with just one to bring back a sense of...something. More thinking and planning about what I am doing and why?…
    The idea of one CMDR and one ship. Flying "The Ship" and not having to worry about a lot of things, concentrating on the fun part of the game. That idea is very tempting.
    I think a lot of players try to achieve this and fail.

    I would like to fly just one ship, but there is no ship in this game that really does all the things I want to do in a way I would be happy with.

    I can get along with 2 ships - DBX and Vulture - but there are so many other nice ships that are fun to fly and then there are ships that are simply much better at doing something that not using them would be rather strange…

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    I am one of those. I only fly with the Anaconda. I use it for everything and i'm very happy with it. How can you not love a golden Conda with ship kit?

    Hoping for the day we can customise our cockpits, so i can get rid of those bloody wires.

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    Yes. Which "one" ship would be the next obvious question.
    For me, and my playstyle, the top contenders would be the Anaconda, Python, ASPX, or Cobra. Hell, maybe even the T9. Decisions. decisions!

    Your right though Zadian - the thought of "one man/one ship"...your very tempting.

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    I have about 6 or seven small to medium ships. Used to have an Imperial Clipper, but I sold it.

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    I like to collect ships and fit them out for specific roles so that I can just jump in and go whenever I feel the need:

    Corvette, FDL, FG & FAS: combat
    Cutter: trading
    Anaconda & AspX: exploration
    Python: mining
    DBX: bubble jumper and personal transport

    I also usually have a number of the smaller ships (cobra, vipers, vulture) for sentimental reasons as I spent countless hours in them and it's great to occasionally jump in and get reacquainted.

    However - and in answer to the OP's question - there was a time when I limited myself to just one ship: the Python.
    If I had to go back to having just one ship, I'd still choose that one over the others.

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    Well i have

    Asp Explorer

    I pretty much only use vulture, aspE to fast travel and then summo the ship I need/want to use there and play something else during the transit time (yeah that timer really added to the game) and cutter for trading/missions.

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    For the first year, year and half, i flew with just one ship. Then i did some beer mat calculations on how much money i had lost over time by selling hulls and realized it was a very bad way to play.

    Now i have a fleet of 9 ships suitable for all occasions.

    2 x Beluga
    3 x Orca
    1 x Dolphin
    2 x Cobra Mk3
    1 x Cobra Mk4

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    "Gameplay style: How many Cmdr's own just one ship?"

    The poor ones, Cmdr Despicable at your service.

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    I own more than one, but i only fly one at the time!

    radical gameplay style, no?

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    Originally Posted by goemon View Post (Source)
    I own more than one, but i only fly one at the time!

    radical gameplay style, no?
    Hehe. Lucky I am off-line now as I have stupid real life stuff to take care of so nothing rash at this time.
    Will be giving it serious thought as I putter about on yard work.
    TBH I am leaning toward "going for it" and keeping the 'Conda...or the Python.

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    Fer the longest time, I had just one ship...asp explorer and was happy. Then I started using a keelback though only fer the SLF as I couldnt afford anything else and probably never will at the extremely slow rate I make money.

    Oh and took an asp scout out fer 4 months into the black before parking it at jacques and selling it because its one the most uninspiring ships in the game. Even the keelback is more fun although in all fairness, the kb is great fer exploring once ye get the hang of it.

    I dont grind fer money, never have and never will...same as rngeers so none of my ships are modded...all standard vanilla fits. Thats unlikely to ever change...grinding simply isnt something I wanna do so I dont...consequences being Ill likely never own anything bigger than the asp ^

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    I own 4 ships, but i could easily sell the Cobra, the Imperial Eagle and the Anaconda and go with my alltime favorite, the Asp Explorer.

    The Imperial Eagle is just a fun ship, rigged for speed (which i like to keep, because no imperial rank for me) and the Anaconda was sort of a reward i got myself. The Cobra is for missions inside the bubble, but its field of operation could also be passed over to the Asp.

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