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Thread: Gameplay style: How many Cmdr's own just one ship?

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    One of my alts has only 1 ship. The Asp Explorer. That counts, right?

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    Originally Posted by MottiKhan View Post (Source)
    One of my alts has only 1 ship. The Asp Explorer. That counts, right?

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    Yeah, at first...

    1 sidey then 1 hauler then 1 cobra etc

    Now I have stock ships and swap out modules as needed but use the Vette most of the time.

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    Originally Posted by DukeIronHand View Post (Source)
    It works nicely when trolling for griefers. Harmless pilot in a cheap ship. Had one infamous one suicide his Eagle against my shields at a station repeatedly until he got bored.

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    Originally Posted by DukeIronHand View Post (Source)
    Gameplay style: How many Cmdr's own just one ship?
    I own ONE ship...
    And another ONE and another ONE and...

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    Originally Posted by DukeIronHand View Post (Source)
    I like the Anaconda for its efficiency, capability, and looks. It has the big ship feel, is tough, fast and maneuverable - and can do anything. Another factor, I must admit, was getting the credits together to buy and A-rate it (initially - repeated buys and sells) was a huge pain and lots of work and grinding. Still feel the pain I guess! Plus I want to get into Engineering and it will be nice to only worry about one ship on my somewhat limited play time.
    When our new Alien Overlords blow into town it'll just be me and one ship. Go anywhere (except outposts!) and do anything.
    That's a good choice. Very sensible. I've been toying with that upgrade to my Python also...but I'm not so down with the Anaconda aesthetic. It's just so boxy. I like the more wedge and bridge forward deisgn of the Python, or the Fed Ship platforms. I tried the Anaconda in 2.2 beta. It was awesome in VR, just massive scale. I do want a fight er bay.

    Once you start engineering it, you'll be hooked on that ship. It really does make it feel more unique. And one ship is so much less of a headache for transfers and engineering.

    Module storage for different roles does suck though. We really need loadout kit saves. YOU HEAR THAT FD?! Maybe a nice QOL for next patch?

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    I have all 31 ships, but only for completions sake, I'm hardly going to fly back to pick up a hauler from home base.

    But, I enjoy working on each ship individually. Engineers that is. I hope that I will have a fleet that are all individual for what ever purpose the game decides to bring.

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    I only bought a second ship once I'd found a home with a player faction. Then I had somewhere to keep the ship(s) I wasnt flying in a place I always intended to come back to.

    Previously I was itinerent, only owning the next best ship, as I was able to afford them.

    Now I have second home in Colonia, and 12 ships spread between the two. They are all my favourites.

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    Ships I use :-
    1 Anaconda for Exploration, 1 Anaconda for Mixed Combat, 1 Anaconda for Mining, 1 Anaconda for Long Distance Trade, 1 Corvette for CZ Combat, 1 Type 9 for short range Trade, 1 Python for Med Dock Missions and Trade, 1 FerdyLancey for HazRes Combat , 1 Viper MKIII for OMG this is fast.

    8 cobras for storage.
    6 vultures for storage.

    have everything else except the 3 liners and the cutter, all mainly holding modded items (more storage).

    If another Save was not the full price of the game. I am sure I would be playing one save with only one ship.
    But I wont pay for the game a second time when they could easily sell Multiple Profiles - as a micro-transaction on the store page.

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    Originally Posted by goemon View Post (Source)
    I own more than one, but i only fly one at the time!

    radical gameplay style, no?
    Sometimes I fly multiple ships at a time.

    Have a plethora of ships, spread across 4 cmdrs...

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    Ive never sold a ship... i just use a ship until i have enough money to buy the next one. I get attached to things and i can say goodbye.

    Im mean just look at how i live..

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    I only ever own one ship, currently a Keelback (I'm not counting the SLF as another ship ). She's pretty much stock as I found Engineers so boring and confusing I swiftly lost interest. At the rate I make money, I may upgrade to a Python in a year or so, but I'll miss the SLF.

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    I'm still trying to figure out the 'one' for me.

    So far my favourite ship is a tie between the Keelback and the Cobra IV. Both are very flexible, both look great and both are slower than tectonic movement!

    Cobra IV has it in flexibility, those internals make it insane and can do everything (except go fast!) the keelback also very flexible and has the SLF for when you just want to zip around
    Difficult choice!

    I also have an ASP-E. Simply because it is just took useful. But while I really like my ASP-E I just don't 'feel' it if you get my drift. I don't have the money for a python which is where I reckon my 'endgame' ship is probably headed but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Until then I'll probably keep the ASP-E and engineer it up and see if I fall in love or if we are just destined to be friends...

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    Originally Posted by GreyAreaUK View Post (Source)

    ....and I arguably could do away with the Cobra. Except I won't, because Cobra.
    Stop drinking it & sober up then!...'should enable you to negotiate the shipyard UI without any issues to facilitate the sale! Hope this helps.

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