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Thread: Picking a Monitor - pre purchase worries!

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    Picking a Monitor - pre purchase worries!

    So building a new PC (slowly!) and trying to put together graphics card and monitor.

    Main decision points are:

    Adaptive sync - gsync/freesync (which realistically means waiting for vega to finally arrive (or NVIDIA to swallow their pride) if using any sort of large monitor - or am I wrong?
    IPS/VA - If you're using an IPS screen do you notice the ips glow/backlight bleed when playing ED? If using a VA monitor do you notice changes in colours away from the centre.
    Longevity is another issue - don't want to be doing this again anytime soon:-)!

    Worries that I may be missing something....

    Monitors I'm looking at specifically:
    Main two:
    ACER Predator X34a - cheaper than it was, gsync (so could buy it now ish), lots of concerns about ipsglow/backlight bleed - or am I over thinking this?
    Samsung C34F791 - freesync - would be great with vega (but that's not here yet -gaming versions still 2 months away:-s!! But do you need it how is it without it?) - plus VA screen - what do the colours look like off centre is this noticible, guessing the blacks etc. will be great for ED but would be good to know from someone using it?

    Other thoughts, relatively discounted:
    Philips Brilliance BDM4350UC - 43" so gigantic - cheap, concerns about ips bleed, lack of uniformity no adaptive sync
    Predator 32" gsync 4k monitor - 4k and adaptive sync...
    LGs 38" widescreen (but that's probably above my budget and same vega/adaptive sync worries as above)

    Would love to hear from anyone using these monitors playing ED, how happy they are and what (computer!) systems they've matched them up to - any other advice appreciated too!

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    I play on 1440p ultrawide and it's better than the 4k I use for work I think. I got a flat one because I didn't like the curve, but I'm in the minority there.

    Some of the newer models do have a bit less bleed. I've just had mine replaced with a newer model under warranty due to a flickering and backlight issue and the newer one does have markedly less bleed, but it can still be seen if you're viewing blacks or play in a dark room (obviously there's a lot of dark colours in Elite anyway). Additionally, I avoided the X34A and the ASUS PG34Q because of the reports of significant bleed and the curvature problem. Ultimately I now have just a 60Hz monitor though and I'd have liked to go to 100 for other games - I would look for something newer than the ACER or ASUS ones though as those panels are quite dated by now and have had some QA problems (the X34A mostly solved this).

    If input lag isn't an issue (which is really isn't in Elite) than NVidia fast does a really excellent job of removing tearing anyway. I'd only really consider GSync if you're going to 100Hz and might not be able to reliably hit those frames.

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    I think IPS bleed is over-dramatized. I have used IPS panels for years, iiYama and BenQ and never had an issue with it. I suppose if people play in a blacked-out room they might notice some lightening at corners but since they are already destroying their eyesight anyway, serves them right!

    Honestly, the colour fidelity with IPS vs VA is so much of an advantage that the fact of perhaps having not quite such deep blacks is well offset in my opinion.

    I have no experience of the "syncing" systems so can't comment but since I find 60Hz more than adequate for my uses, I never bothered with anything else.

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    Originally Posted by Tomx View Post (Source)
    ACER Predator X34a - cheaper than it was, gsync (so could buy it now ish), lots of concerns about ipsglow/backlight bleed - or am I over thinking this?
    I have the Freesync version (same LG panel). The image quality is superb. There is some backlight bleed in the corners but it's only noticeable playing ED with the lights off (some people have managed to lessen this with a couple of tricks, I couldn't). No 'IPS glow'. I believe Acer was able to improve this with later batches (both gsync and Freesync models). Agree with a previous poster that the X34 and to a lesser extent the ASUS equivalent have been around a while and there are probably better models out now perhaps offering better value for money (though the Freesync ranges of some of the newer models are a little restrictive...not sure about gsync).

    As for adaptive-sync, I couldn't live without it now. I can understand concerns about going down the gsync route as the monitors are very expensive and it's a proprietary technology.

    Make sure you read reviews by decent review sites such as and

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    Having both IPS and TN panels, I'd still pick IPS any time. However my LG UW does have noticeable bleed in ED. No other game is dark enough for me to see it though. The bleed is worst in the corners and it acts as a kinda inverse vignetting and didn't bother me.

    As for framerates, I brute force it and pick settings to maintain the 60 Hz of my panel. If I were buying a new gaming monitor today, I think I'd aim for a 1440 16:9 IPS G-sync 144 Hz. We will have to see what Vega brings if that would allow flipping over to freesync.

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    I have been using the Philips 43" unit for a year now & I'm happy with it.

    Only problems I've had have been 2 or 3 times when my PC has decided that the display is 30 Hz only. No idea why that happens, but checking DP cable seatings & restarting the PC seems to work, 60 Hz it is again.