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Thread: No Broo Tarquin

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    No Broo Tarquin


    Once (<1%)

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    08:20 CST

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    Two days ago I maxed out reputation with Hera Tani. I was never informed of Broo Tarquin. I thought that it might just be lag so I went out and kept farming materials to overcharge my power plant more. As of last night I still hadn't received an invite to work with him. Spammed all manner of upgrades out of frustration(wasting alot of materials in the process) in the hopes that something would happen. As of this morning I still haven't any message from Broo.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1. Rank up Hera Tani. 2. Don't get a message from Broo Tarquin.

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    I'm sure you have but just checking - You've met the Combat Rank requirement?

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    Hey King Brisingr,

    Thanks for the report.

    If this is still an issue during the weekend, (as there might be a delay in getting the message) please contact our customer support team for assistance: [Customer support]

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    Issue resolved itself. Thanks anyway.