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    Treasure Hunter

    I've been in game for awhile now but been flying around pretty aimlessly trying this and that then it dawned on me. I can do whatever I want lol so I'm going to be a treasure hunter! I'm sure there are all sorts of things out there in the verse so instead of just being an explorer I'm going to go hunting. I traded my Diamondback explorer for a Asp Scout and heading out. This is the basically the build I'm using right now (I'm on the Xbox ONE so I do have an extra compartment with a detailed surface scanner) It's not the best but not the worst should do what I need it to. Merope is only 60 jumps away going the scenic route so lets see what I find. Wish me luck!

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    Good luck!

    I only hope you've packed an SRV. Scavenging the surface, can really find the staple of every treasure seeker, hordes of GOLD! Just sitting there! A couple of skimmers at most, surely nobody will miss it (beware pirates when you have it in your hold though and sell to a blackmarket on return, to buy a new metal detector etc.).

    Also bear in mind traveller, that “all that glisters .. be not gold;

    And often have you heard that told! For many men his life has sold by my outside just to behold:
    And gilded tombs do worms enfold, but had they been as wise as bold, their limbs in judgment ne'er so scroll'd.
    So fare you well! 'Cos labour lost, when farewell heat and welcome .. frost!”
    ― W Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice (more or less)

    Good Luck!
    And keep us posted. o7

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    A great career choice, but remember that a fair bit of that "treasure" is illegal in a lot of systems...
    Make notes- black market is located @ system x, station Y

    Alway make sure you dock at the closest station / outpost before going dirtside, if you die, you will respawn there.

    GL & HF

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    the DBX is a great beginner explorer ship, i would consider the DBX 1 step below the ASP Explorer!

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    Treasure hunting can be extreme fun...particularly if you poach the treasure from poi' helps if your handy in combat and or have a fast ship..I used my cobra mk111 for such fact I had 2 of built with a pure missile build and another with normal weapons or swap modules about using missiles and shock mines...skimmer missions and base runs were great fun prior 2.3 , I'm not sure if they still are though ... if you saw a poi, drop on it to check it out, then blast the skimmers and grab the loot before the system cops showed up, or if they did, drop a few mines in their path...yes I died lots, but I also had great fun, earned lots smuggling the stuff back to the factions own base and sell it back to the black markets.

    That sir, is my version of treasure hunting, I'm not advocating stealing, but a bit of npc piracy is good for the soul

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    I do quite a bit of scavenging. Fly just over 2Km above the surface and zoom your scanner out to the last. That was you will see any POI's easier. Note the direction you are flying as well, so that you do not end up going in circles should you land and take off.
    Aim for the centre of any POI and drop down to about 1Km. i switch to the external camera (free mode) and use that to get an uninhibited view of the surface. Abandoned or in use settlements are easy to see, but wreckages or crashed nav beacons are not.
    If you are in an Anarchist system you can do what you like. Be careful of System Authority Ships that are around because they tend to be difficult to destroy.
    If the system has a police authority then lock onto a skimmer from the seat of the SRV and it will show you if it is "wanted" or not. You'll get a bounty of Cr1000 per skimmer or a fine if they are not! Any cargo tends to be free or stolen respectively at that POI.

    Have fun!