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Thread: SRV Tips for finding resources

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    SRV Tips for finding resources

    Been playing for a couple weeks now and still loving this game but I'm wondering if any of you experts have any tips for finding resources in the SRV. I have landed on a few high metal content planets and I have found a few rocks to mine but it seems like I spend most of my time just driving around looking for for the white dot on the radar. I do hear this clicking noise on the radar and I think maybe it changes when I'm driving around but I haven't figured out what it means. Any tips or links to video's would be appreciated.

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    You have to look at your wave scanner (the band with running line above your radar. It displays various codes for different types of stuff it "sees".

    These signals are faint and wide when the object is far away but get stronger and narrower as you get closer. It requires a bit of skill but is really easy to use in the end.

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    thanks for the tip, now that I know it's called a wavescanner I was able to find a few youtube videos.

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    In case the videos haven't mentioned it look for "Pristine" and "Major Reserves" in the planet/moon description for the best chance of finding resources. Also look for the breakdown % to see what exactly is available there. To get the rarer materials you will probably find you need to go to an assortment of places as no 1 place will have everything. I found ideally looking in a Pristine/Major Reserves system that has several planets/moons which hopefully between them has all you need.

    Obviously when a material is showing at just a few % in the description you will have to break quite a few rocks before you get sufficient quantity. In my experience the most valuable help came from patience! After a while you'll be surprised just how much you have collected. 1000 units sounds a lot but after picking up materials in space, perhaps mining and surface hunting, you may have too much of some things. You can reduce the amount in the right hand materials panel. If you highlight and select something you will be given an option to reduce your resource by between 1 and up to your current amount you want.

    Another thing worth noting is that sometimes the rocks you need to split open will be darker in appearance compared to the thousands of other rocks, so you may spot them from quite a distance without relying on the wavescanner. Good luck when you get to the engineers!

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    Thanks for the tips, I tried it out again this weekend and had a much easier time finding stuff. Once you get the hang of the wave scanner its not so bad and even kind of fun finding stuff. I even followed one of the signals higher up on the scanner and found some escape pods and other materials from a crashed ship or something. It was pretty cool.

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    One other quick question, I have seen some vehicle bays have room for two SRV's. What's the point of having a second SRV?

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    Originally Posted by Dibiase View Post (Source)
    One other quick question, I have seen some vehicle bays have room for two SRV's. What's the point of having a second SRV?
    If your SRV gets blown up for whatever reason whilst on a planet, you respawn in your ship..and still have a spare SRV . If you only carry one, then you can no longer drive on a planet and it's not always possible to go buy another due to your location.