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Thread: The BRC presents a Race for Long Range Ships: Nebulocity (3-11 June 3303)

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    Thanks to Jhyrryl for taking us on the scenic tour. Beautiful nebulae and interesting docking and undocking at the asteroid stations.
    Lots of traffic, especially at Sisters Refuge. My apologies to the CMDR in a Clipper exiting the station at the time

    Sadly, I was not able to run as often as I wanted. Work has been crazy lately. Important project delayed => all hands on deck and mandatory overtime. The sunny weather last weekend did the rest to consume my game-time.

    Congratulations to the winners and well done to all the newcomers.

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    Originally Posted by Polly View Post (Source)
    I had a nasty surprise at one of thoose stations early in the race. Saw it floating out there all by itself and thought it would be perfect for a de-select-stop similar to the little blue approach. So, I came in hard, slightly curved, 1 s on the clock and de-selected. It didn't behave like I thought it would. It felt like I overshot it with half a galaxy. Not just a loop of shame but rather a epic journey of humiliation.
    That would be Stargazer. Deselect doesn't work there, because it's in an asteroid cluster and apparently those have enough mass that it applies the same FSD behavior as a small planet does.

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    Originally Posted by Alec Turner View Post (Source)
    [...]use of headlook (do you have a tracker or do it manually)[...]
    I have a mode switch and then use the coolie hat on my HOTAS. Not ideal, but better than taking the hand off the stick and using the mouse
    [...] the main difference being that you place a lot more faith in planetary braking than I, especially in those asteroid belt station approaches. Duly noted for next time. [...]
    Yep, I've only relatively recently gotten a true feeling of how strong planetary braking can be, especially with gas giants. With these, you can pretty much floor it until 0:03 or so and as long as you don't have to make any meaningful course adjustments at 0:02 or below it *should* be ok. Of course it's very difficult to find the perfect moment to throttle back up again. It's really a fraction of a second between overshooting the ring/asteroid and getting caught deeply inside the gravity well.
    [...]One question, on a few occasions you open system view for reasons I couldn't quite tell ... were you double checking whether it was a free floating station that required a target de-select?
    Yes. Especially on the earlier runs I try to get a glimpse of the system view if I'm unfamiliar with it (and on a long course like this I can't really remember all of the stations, so the same applies). I'm looking for asteroid belts that could be in the way and try to get a look at the planet for gravity braking planning (is it a binary, how big/heavy is it, etc.). I find it useful to know/remember that sort of information, although it can of course be a distraction and there isn't enough time on anything less than 500 to 1000 ls.

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    I made participants submit screenshots of ships and holome avatars so that they could be used in a podium collage of the 1st place winners. Someone made sure that life didn't make me forget. So, without further ado, in 1920x1080 format for your desktop, the 1st place winners!

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