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Thread: Elite Dangerous - 2.4 and beyond

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    How many alien races in the galaxy? Surely more than two, Human and Thargoid. What about Greys? for example or other types of popular culture Aliens and your bog standard "Flying Saucers".

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Cillian Raynor View Post (Source)
    yes and then the issue will still be the same...

    Now i get that you can argue if you play a game enough at some point you WILL be left with nothing to work towards but the truth is that for ED that moment is reached very early on. I myself, i do not have an anaconda or python or T9 so nevermind corvette and cutter but i have zero intention of working towards them as i'm satisfied with the ships i have plus i don't like flying big ships anyway. A clipper feels too big already. I could name you countless amounts of things most MMOs have as carrots to have you working towards. ED has next to nothing save for bigger ship. I don't even get how people who have the biggest ships even keep interested in the game. To work towards what? Having 5 billions for no good reason other than watch the numbers?
    I remember in some early installments of WoW it took some people to get the highest ranks in just a few weeks. Hence Blizzard was (is?) constantly adding new upgrades and new stories and bosses and such. It's the nature if these games. When you've killed all the current bosses and ranked to the highest, then it's only ganking and griefing left to do, which people did and still do because of boredom.

    Witcher 3 apparently takes less than 200 hours to complete, including all side missions. Now, playing Elite for 200 hours and feel that it hit a wall, it's normal with games.

    I really don't think the problem is that Elite has too little to do, but rather that the things we can do are too simple in design. The space flying and rendering of stars and planets are advanced, but the missions are too simple. They don't require much thought to complete. It's more or less just pick up a mission, go into combat (most of them include some combat) or fight an interdicting pirate, scan something and then go back home and hand in the mission. And that's all there is.

    In the beginning it's exciting to do all these things. But it becomes monotonous to do them, because there's no change in how they're done.

    The BGS isn't a significant enough carrot. It's empty and gets boring fast. I mean yes you can craft yourself better components but the RNG is enough to drive anyone away from the idea plus it i only a stat change essentially. You won't get a kickass looking cannon you can marvel at. On an aesthetic level there is pretty much zero to earn in ED, anything that could be is in the stores and i get no sense of statisfaction fro spending 5$ to earn a better paint.
    Sure. The RNG of finding mats and data, and then hope for a god-roll, it's boring because it's just tedious and doesn't have a challenge to your mind. If the engineering was a bit more like how crafting is in other games, I think it would become a bit more interesting. For instance different paths of chained effects so level 1 leads to level 2 and different options that you can only do either or. Current engineering is just to random and simple. And picking up things is just by luck and it's very annoying at times, agree. Take days to find some simple mats. Not sure how that could be improved, but I agree that it takes too much time.

    I was playing warframe recently which isnt even that good but even that game...there's always always new weappns blueprints to acquire and craft, builds to work on, new warframes to unlocks, companions, rare things to earn and trade for. There's always something you dont have that you won't to try to get. Always a new goal. The gameplay gets stale fast but there ARE so many carrots to keep the players going. E has almost none of that. I'm not saying i want ships in ED to start dropping rare weapons and blueprints. But FD HAVE to find something for the players to work for beyond a bigger ship/big bank account and a terribly grindy unsatisfying half crafting system. they really really really do.
    Yeah, I know. I'd like to see more of that too.

    Put it this way, I don't think the boredom comes from too little things to do and too little things to discover, but rather that most of the things are so similar and so simple in design, so it feels like how it felt in No Man Sky after seeing the 50th planet that the animals and plants all looked very familiar. It wasn't really new or exciting anymore, even if there were 8 bazillion stars to go to.

    One player's grind is another player's game.

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    Originally Posted by Han Zulu View Post (Source)
    ??? I'm not sure I follow. Why is "making your own path" has anything to do with requiring multiplayer? Isn't a concept of doing it on your own disconnected with what other people force you to do? Please expand a bit on your comment, please, because I don't know how personal choice is in conflict with solo play.

    You're making the solo story by being the player. After all, the game description is that you're blazing your own trails, in others words, you're the one creating the story by playing the game. There's no Solo Quest like other games. There's no end game, end goal, a final super boss that you have to overcome. The whole story evolves in the game as we all are playing. The factions change. The expansion of humanity changes. The war between Federation and Imperial changes, as well as the emerging war with the thargoids. Also, the knowledge, star maps of the galaxy is growing by the explorers exploring. And so on. The game is you making the story, solo or multiplayer, no difference.

    Correct. Solo mode helps the player to avoid griefers and gankers.

    Meaning? Bosses to beat? Combat? Combat? Combat?

    I'd like to see more puzzles to solve. Puzzles and mysteries that you can solve on your own, rather than yet another weapon or enemy.
    I agree , the ofline mode was killed of. and solo was introduced . still you can make an inpact on the galaxy even if not in open or private.

    New commanders are best to start in solo and get to know the game before heading to the murderers open game.

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    Originally Posted by Jacobus Franconium View Post (Source)
    I agree , the ofline mode was killed of. and solo was introduced . still you can make an inpact on the galaxy even if not in open or private.

    New commanders are best to start in solo and get to know the game before heading to the murderers open game.
    Good tip.

    I do go into Open at times, but I do it knowingly that it'll be more challenging. And I probably will go there more when I start doing more combat soon (I want to unlock all engineers, and some require some rank and such). But when I explore, trade, or do regular missions, I tend to do it in Solo. Or, at least I switch to Solo when enter/exit a station. That's where it tends to be most dangerous. In general though, in Open, 99% of the players are nice and won't attack unprovoked. Some even just chat. One time, waiting for the Thargoid at the barnacles, we were playing around with the SRVs and chatted up a storm. No one attacked anyone. We had a great time. Those moments are golden. But then... some times it's not as fun. It's a matter of learning things and playing smart.

    One player's grind is another player's game.

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    Thanks for that - I give it a try

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