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  • 01 - RoyalHankey - An Untitled Mystery

    1 7.14%
  • 02 - Sir T.J. - A sacrifice well made

    2 14.29%
  • 03 - Jetson Ring - UNTITLED?!

    2 14.29%
  • 04 - Phong - Untitled

    1 7.14%
  • 05 - Edith_The_Hutt - Untitled

    5 35.71%
  • 06 - Listeri69 - Feeling HOT HOT HOT : A tale of Sweaty bits..

    1 7.14%
  • 07 - Galactic Midden - Another Chance Encounter, Perhaps

    4 28.57%
  • 08 - Cmdr Pseudonym - The Kowl and the Piggy Fart

    4 28.57%
  • 09 - Mindwipe - UA DIDNT, SURELY!

    1 7.14%
  • 10 - Cmdr Alex Harrow - Alan from Riedquat

    6 42.86%
  • 11 - Bananaface Von Browntop. aka Blackface Grubb - A fright of passage

    1 7.14%
  • 12 - Jintosh - The Sound of Musing

    4 28.57%
  • 13 - Frank - Hi Ho Silver

    4 28.57%
  • 14 - Simoof - Dearly my Damn, I don't give a Frank.

    5 35.71%
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Thread: Drabble Poll #203 ... Something Something Something ... Untitled

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    Drabble Poll #203 ... Something Something Something ... Untitled

    01 - Royal Hankey - Untitled

    "Commander whats that blip on the scanner" Admiral said.
    "Wait a minute, wait a minute" replied the Commander.
    "Scanning it now................... says untitled".
    "Untitled, what you mean, Untitled, is there something wrong with the scanner".
    "No Sir, i can see other ships and they are fine".
    "Scan for a name or registration".
    "Name and registration both say untitled".
    "What, scan the databank"
    "Wait a minute.............yes Sir it's coming through now Sir"
    "Well what happened was the ship was attacked as the Commander was making a title for the drabble show and the computer malfuntioned clearing the memory".


    02 - Sir T.J. - Untitled

    "So.... you want ME to be an ambassador for the United Nations???"

    "Sadly yes Mr Kow, you're our only chance of peace due to your unique skillset."

    Kow looked out of the window at the vast armada ready to combat the Thargoid fleet ravaging the galaxy.

    "Your onsie is of such vile repugnance to humanity we're hoping the Thargoids will feel the same and abandon their attack."

    "Do I need to be strapped to the outside of the Ship?" He struggled against the ropes.

    "Yes and we've decided to call the operation UN.T1T.LED"

    He pressed the big red launch button.


    03 - JetsonRing - Untitled

    CMDR JetsonRING sat alone on the bridge of bridge of the Betty and read the words being displayed on the monitor, his scarred features conveying an expression of bemusement and maybe a little confusion.

    “Untitled”!? WTFrak?

    Someone had dropped the ball at the core-worlds headquarters of the weekly intra-galactic drabble writing contest and no new topic had been posted.
    Millions of dedicated amateur drabblers across the galaxy were angrily posting their displeasure on the available social media outlets, the show’s image was damaged, viewership was declining and the reputation of the once popular artistic outlet for millions was tarnished forever.


    04 - Phong - Untitled

    Kow stretched luxuriously in his bunk,and reflected on his secret life as a space pirate and all the benefits that accrued therefrom.He glanced across at the shrouded forms snuggled beneath the covers,still sated from last nights activities,then at his chromometer.Still muzzy from sleep,glyphs blurred before his eyes before coming into focus.He stared at them blankly for a moment before falling back upon his pillow ,one meaty forearm lain across his brow,and drifted back toward the land of dreams.Slowly,a grin began to form on his face as he was wafted toward slumber on paens of victory.


    05 - Edith_The_Hutt - Untitled

    Yellow-green moss piled up on the Eagle’s canopy and small mushrooms pushed through the remains of the pilot.

    The wings had long ago been torn from this downed bird and wind whistled through the ruined frame. What remained of the fuel intake was now home to a nest of chicks, eagerly awaiting their parents’ return. Only the fusion drive cowling was free of life, covered instead in a thick smear of mud and decay.

    Jenna pushed aside a hull plate and emerged from the wreck, clutching her prize. She stood and recited a brief requiem before leaving the crash-site behind.


    06 - Listeri69 - Untitled

    Psykokow sat sweating, his ship had been in silent running for hours now
    'How long we gotta do this for? Me moobs are sopping and i've developed trench buttocks'
    Simoof took another paper towel and shoved it under the folds
    'Until our target arrives.' Psykokow checked the scanners..
    'Can we at least eject another heatsink?'
    'Well I would if we had any left.'
    'I'm blazin, i'm going to the cargo bay it's cooler'
    A long sweaty fart accompanied Simoof as he walked out...
    <Target Acquired> beeped the computer. <taking damage..>
    The cargo hatch failed, Simoof flew out cool at last...


    07 - Galactic Midden - Untitled

    Nothing turned to Nobody as Norman lowered his hunting musket, "I couldn't see anything remotely like a Bare Breasted Dwuaqqle Loofter Moot" she said promiscuously waving her big toe at Norman's gilded lorgnette. "I thought you said it was a big one" she whispered softly in Nobody's ear as she exited suitless into the toxic atmosphere.

    "She's incredible" Norman smiled, his eunuchism lending his voice a surprising feminine quality. "You're so lucky she found you".

    Nobody paused; Norman's face still appeared squashed from yesterday's crash. Nobody looked again. The distress beacon now winked positively. Nobody smiled, Nothing was as expected.


    08 - Cmdr Pseudonym - Untitled

    Twit...said simoof...whoooo? said psykokow.....
    'Ya spud' said simoof, Kow spun round without moving
    'How do you do that?' said simoof, 'what?' said kow shoving another rat in his face....
    'This!' said simoof as he spun off his stool landing face first in Kow's lap
    kow flapped wildly, flying full pelt into the cockpit window.
    One eye fixed simoof with a predatory glare as his other noticed something furry approaching outside.
    Kow lept from the console talons out. missing the furry animal and picking simoof up by his hair...
    "ma vegetable patch" simoof squealed as something milky ran up his nose.


    09 - Mindwipe - Untitled

    Oi Joe you heard the news?

    Nah mate why whats happening Stu?

    Well there was a charity concert for the mods kids over at the bone yard see.

    yeah! was it any good?

    Nah, The kids loved it though

    Ahh that's a shame what happened?

    Well those filthy pirates see dropped a UA on the place.

    WHAT A UA! are you truckin high m8? surely your blaz'n

    I wish i were m8 the gits are bragging about it on Galnet

    Ahh m8 that's low

    I know! Fancy a hunt?

    I could use the gunnery practice

    Then let pirate season commence


    10 - Cmdr Alex Harrow - Untitled

    The chair slid across the grating of the bar as the drunk commander stood up angrily. The room quieted as the crowd dipped their heads down in unison, save for one.

    "Sir, I'm from Riedquat. We are raised to not fight."

    "Where you were spat out of aint keepin you from a beating..." The commander said as he walked toward Alan.

    Alan grabbed at a small silver handle at his side and pointed it forward. Metal slats sprang from the guard, forming into a gladius instantly, inches from the commanders throat. He froze.

    "I think you misunderstood."

    Alan stepped forward.


    11 - Bananaface Von Browntop. aka Blackface Grubb - Untitled

    'But I don't want to!' She shouted, digging her fingernails into the flight chair.
    'You HAVE to, it's the law. If you don't they'll send you to jail.'
    'But it's awful, and there's those things in there and they always go for me.'
    'You'll have plenty of protection and adequate weaponry for the task.'
    'Weaponry? Have you even seen in there? For Duval's sake you can smell the place from three floors down.'
    'Everyone has to do it at least once during their rotation, it's a Hutton thing, sort of a right of passage.'
    'But cubicle three... cubicle bloody three!'


    12 - Jintosh - Untitled

    Jintosh swore softly as the hyperspace tunnel warning sounded. After momentarily panicking she slapped her Python's camera's record button, hoping to film "just another hyperdiction" instead of her ship's last moments. That done she began to wonder again how all ships built-in virtual sound generators contained programming for these things. She'd first wondered this on hearing the Maian alien barnacle sounds, and again when scanning ancient ruins...

    The bump to her ship as the aliens left woke her from her musings and she swore again, her new white shipsuit was going to need a clean.


    13 - Frank - Untitled

    "We dropped the cannisters! They're still firing at us!"
    The stricken Hauler could do nothing as the Vultures wore away at her hull.
    "They were never interested in piracy. They just want to kill us!"

    A Diamondback with a masked heat signature appeared from nowhere behind the first Vulture. A searing laserbeam made short work of its shields. Before the Vulture could turn around the Diamondback popped a heatsink, polished off the pirates, then sailed away.

    The William Tell Overture played in the background, "Who was that masked Diamondback?"

    His copilot shrugged, "No idea. The ship didn't have any markings."


    14 - Simoof - Untitled

    Every war needs armys to battle.
    Every army needs soldiers to fight.
    And every soldier needs a leader for inspiration.
    "Whats the problem?" asked to Commanding Chief pointing to a large question mark on the battle plans.
    "It's the Hutton Regiment. They are unruly, they do their own thing. And they are still unled."
    "Unled? Did we not deploy Psykokow into the midst of their ranks?"
    "That's the problem. Now they have no name."
    ""What are you jabbering on about you fool? How can that happen?"
    "Well, when you put Psykokow into the middle of the unled they become untitled."


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    Oops. It appears that my votes have made it a 6 way tie. That was not my intention. Can someone please cast their votes and save us from this awkward situation.

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    Congratulations to Cmdr Alex Harrow

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    Congratulations Alex Harrow

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    Congratulations Cmdr Harrow.
    New balls,please.

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    Originally Posted by phong View Post (Source)
    Congratulations Cmdr Harrow.
    New balls,please.
    Here you go ...

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    so I messaged Alien, but dunno if I should put topic here or somethin. anyway my topic is:

    New Rites of Passage

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    Grats to the winners. My entry was not included in the poll for all the difference that would've made. It was within the first 20.. (There are only 14 above in any case).