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Thread: Alien archeology and other mysteries: Thread 10 - The Canonn

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    Originally Posted by Fidyle View Post (Source)
    Wingmate forced me to come to HIP 14909 to see the Thargoid Base and after entering the system here's what i found in a distress call :
    Nice! I've heard it reported, but now I've added the image to the Large Wreck info

    Originally Posted by Jorki Rasalas View Post (Source)
    Yes, thar's what I'm guessing, though only watched 20 minutes & came in late after they'd got it from somewhere...
    No - see MadRaptor's post about UL location.


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    Originally Posted by CMDR MadRaptor View Post (Source)
    Here is a High Res, flipped version of the activated chamber.

    And video:

    (Still uploading, about 8 more minutes)
    Greak work and congrats Cmdr.

    Maybe they are saying "we see your "bubble", now here's ours... so know your place humans"

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    Originally Posted by abyssdj View Post (Source)
    I am in a wing at HIP 14909 and we are apparently located at Unknown Upli...(nk?) What the hell does this thing link to?
    Big Brother Overlord Tharg is watching and selecting his next live sacrifice!

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    Initial map of the unknown structure

    E= exit/doors

    Structure contains a central ring around a main hall - where the map is located, there are multiple nodules on the floor which damage your hull if you drive into them.

    Branching from the central ring are several rooms which have dispensers for the Unknown Links. As well as the doors to exit.

    The central room contains a large structure, which some have suggested - when viewed upside down, like some kind of creature - there are luminescent parts to this structure. Around the ceiling are several egglike structures. There are 3 'bubbles' which you can put UL/UP/UAs into - these can be activated by driving onto a pad - which lights when you get near, and slowly driving up the ramp towards the illuminated bubble. There is a specific combination which works - completing this and then scanning again will activate the map.

    There are also nodes which you can scan at the bend of each 'door' corridor. As well as one in the central room.

    The central room is around the same height as the outer ring, however the branching UL rooms curve down below the ring, where the exit corridors branch off and curve upwards.

    The whole structure appears to be under the ground.

    Album of the structure above, in it's inactive state.

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    Originally Posted by Factabulous View Post (Source)
    Large Wreck Sites:

    1: HIP 19026: PLANET B 1 C LAT -17.9526:LONG -152.6844 (find by lightningwing)
    2: Aries Dark Region DB-X D1-63 A 7 A Lat: 25.94 Long: 77.96 ( find by CMDR: StarFireIX and wingmates) (and via megaship)
    3: Pleiades Sector OS-U C2-7 Body: 4 A Lat: 58.21 Long: -177.04 (found by MadRaptor)
    4: Col 285 sector CV-Y D57 AB 4 A 4.78 / 136.27 (find by PanPiper) (and via megaship)
    5: HIP 14909 2 A Lat: -26.44 Long: -27.47 (reported by MadRaptor) (APPEARS ALIVE!)

    Inside an active site, to make things happen:

    Path to first Large Wreck Site :

    Electra -> Celaeno * -> Large Wreck Sites #1
    * warning - NPC ships will attack

    Path to 2nd Large Wreck

    Path to 4th Large Wreck

    Path to HIP 14909 (Large Wreck #5)

    Found via triangulation of three listening posts:
    Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4
    HIP 19072

    There is also a persistent USS with ship wrecked by thargoids near planet 1

    More Listening posts (target is not a Large Wreck Site so far):
    HIP 16378
    Bhadaba (Grengarr) looks like it's pointing to HIP 16378 3 B, nothing found so far

    If you want to link to my latest post in this thread it has much better instructions I think! Thank you for this lovely recap for people though. Was an awesome night

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    Holy crap between yesterday night and today you guys already found 5 different sites ?? I'm overwhelmed

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    Can one of you guys start google sheets on this ?(just like you did for UA and UP?)

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    Astonishing work by everyone here, who's streaming or otherwise.

    To have found these sites on the same day as the new patch dropped (assuming they weren't always there - but then, who cares if they were?) on such a mass scale - brilliant stuff!

    Definitely creates more questions than it solves.

    Beyond being a cool mechanism to trigger the rather beautiful galaxy-like activity of the central structure, why would the UA + UP give rise to a UL, with all three of which needing to be placed together? What's the explanation for that? (outside of the game mechanic)

    If UA and UP are so critical to whatever function it is we're seeing there (and I'm wondering if there isn't more to do after the thing lights up); then you have to wonder why UAs and UPs aren't found at the site along with everything else. How did these three things get separated?

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    Where is the easiest place to find a UA these days? Is the crashed ship still around?

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    Originally Posted by Saool View Post (Source)
    This will probably get lost in the tide of new discoveries, but I had another semi random thought: Thargoid ships we have seen so far, may have been automated.

    We can see what looks like a pilot’s bubble, but it seems to be empty. What if that is because it is empty? And that the encounters we have had so far are automated like the scavengers?

    - Ship detects Human ship in hyperspace
    - Interdicts ship
    - Disables ship with EM pulse
    - Scans ship
    - Departs

    - Ship needs to refuel/collect materials from a Barnacle
    - Travels to Barnacle
    - Moves to transfer position
    - Preforms transfer
    - Departs

    Perhaps the ships the Feds have encountered are piloted and the ships we will encounter soon, will not be automated, but piloted by Thargoids?

    Just a thought.
    Yes I posted this idea yesterday (or Sunday?) because I think on the lavecon video Sandro slipped & called the flowerships "Thargons" which were the automated drones deployed by the Tharg motherships in 1984

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    I've found something and it's not the Thargoid cave. It looks like a huge mothership with a barnacle in the middle, and Thargoid drones are actually repairing it. ? Uploading the video now.

    Edit: It looks like the Thargoid base, I just misunderstood the coordinates.

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    Of possible note, none of the US locations cross reference with any previous Barnacle site. Throws the plant a seed and watch it grow theory out the window.

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    Originally Posted by ArachAu View Post (Source)
    Of possible note, none of the US locations cross reference with any previous Barnacle site. Throws the plant a seed and watch it grow theory out the window.
    Another strange thing... the barnacles have 6 lobes arranged radially while these sites clearly have 8. Weird.

    And yeah, rizal72, I admit this looks bad for my human UA hypothesis.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Alonso View Post (Source)
    Ok so I'm in an instance full of people who won't even reply in the chat, I have a UA, anyone with a UP wants to wing up?


    Just blew my SRV up I have no UA
    Self-sacrificed in the name of science-repped!

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    Hmm maybe link has a function like the probe after the Activation? Could be possible when its taken away it'll show us something?