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Thread: Beta 2.3.10 Live Now for all players (including exclusive decal reward)

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    Originally Posted by Ashnak View Post (Source)
    Edit: ok, nija'ed by Robert.

    Robert, if you're wrong on this, I'll find you and hunt you down in my engineered Sidewinder!
    It should all be fine - just be extra careful to select the Beta from the launcher and check that the Beta text overlay is showing bottom left before initiating the self-destruct sequence....

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    installing now and will be headed over there to test!

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    Please could we have the usual Fish-powered Engineering back, because even if not directly relevant to this patch, it's a really huge QoL thing to be able to test Engineered stuff out and means a great deal to us Beta PvP-ers (and, perhaps, PvE-ers)...?

    Much obliged,


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    Ok, that settles it. Now for the other beta-newbie questions:

    - will I have to pay full price for ships and equipment? I've heard that beta prices are usually reduced?
    - do the fed/imp rank requirements for ships still apply in beta?
    - will the Engineers require the usual mats?
    - any estimattes on how long the beta will be running? (no, I don't actually expect an answer on this...)

    "Please could you use missiles and mines...on each other" sounds like this could become somewhat expensive in rebuys, but if I get the chance - those packhounds look nice

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    Ohh free decal! Nice incentive i'm in!

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    Sooo... Where would someone install / launch this beta ?
    -"Just asking for a friend".

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    This beta is open to all .
    So where do I sign up on Xbox?

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    I presume that this Beta is only available on PC? As I cannot find any way to access it on Xbox.

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    So, dumb question: how do I access beta?

    E: Beaten

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    Originally Posted by Sabazeus View Post (Source)
    Sooo... Where would someone install / launch this beta ?
    -"Just asking for a friend".
    In the launcher were list elite dangerous 64, elite dangerous horizon commanders etc. scroll down and select the beta client then were it usually says play it should say download/upgrade

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    Thank you.
    But is there not a fix yet for the mouse bug?
    Its quite hard to play in Rift as long this bug exist.

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    Why there is no beta sign at the bottom left corner? Is that ok?

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    Originally Posted by Evoflash View Post (Source)
    Awww rats. I'm 12,000Ly away but that sticker is so shiny!
    It's beta. Self-destruct and re-buy. Ships are usually cheap too so have some Anaconda fun...

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    Originally Posted by Brett C View Post (Source)
    As always, we do have a feedback forum here Commanders Open Beta and our bug reports forum here Commanders Open Beta Bug Reports.
    You can count on my participation!

    Video and pictures are best for reporting, yes?

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    A simple decal won't be enough incentive for me. I want chrome paintjobs back for my ships (mainly viper MK3 but others are welcome).

    Also if I don't partecipate will I be able to buy the decal when 3.1 hits live?? ( I am not really liking it - just kinda asking..)

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