Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that weve identified accounts that have engaged in repeated and deliberate use of a game exploit which allowed people to gain a significant and unfair advantage with Engineering; we will be reviewing and taking action where we feel it is appropriate. The development team are working on a fix for this exploit and we will give you an update on this as soon as we have it.

Wed like to remind people of the code of conduct, particularly the section outlined here:

  1. We also do not tolerate the use of any exploits or the use of any possible bugs in the game to generate player advantage.
  2. Any player caught cheating or taking advantage of any exploits or bugs will be penalised and could face a game ban.

We really appreciate all reports of bugs and exploits in the game, and if possible we ask players to report any discovered as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, reporting these bugs makes for a fairer, better balanced, and more fun Elite Dangerous. If you do not wish to report a bug / issue on our forums due to the sensitive nature of such, you're welcome to contact us directly via our ticketing system.


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