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Thread: Challenge to land on the world of death

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    Originally Posted by Oggy85 View Post (Source)
    But I found out something I didn't know yet and that is that WD also have lensing effect
    Not easy to see without motion but you can guess it (nebular background looks streched in a circle):

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    Originally Posted by iain666 View Post (Source)
    Either that or the gap in the stud wall behind a bookshelf, depends which film you watched last...

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    @Arthur: Nice Image! I guess if this planet wasn't around and landable I would never get so close to WD to find out.

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    Well after finally plucking up the courage - managed to do it tonight. Approach was okay as planet was outside the jets at the time. Gave it about 20 minutes or so and recalled my ship. Landed okay but as soon as I was spacebourne - wow!

    Recorded a couple of vids hsowing approach and scaryness (to follow due to painful Youtube uploading). Managed to get back to Colonia okay though (think the speed saved me - god I love this Orca!)

    EDIT: Sorry, not sure how to shorten videos yet. 1st one shows initial approach and landing. Second me try to desperately get out of the jets in Supercruise!

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    Just landed here - hard. Tried to land fast to reduce damage, and misjudged. 10% hull, woo! Was able to dismiss ship before it melted.

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    The effect is as amazing as described. I think everyone needs to land here at least once.

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    Originally Posted by Heavy Johnson View Post (Source)
    The effect is as amazing as described. I think everyone needs to land here at least once.
    Nice, did you have the WD in full view above the horizon until closest approach? What was the lon/lat of your SRV? That'd be a great vantage point for people to aim for.

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    Yeah, it was almost entirely above the horizon until closest approach. I'm at 73.52, 35.35.

    Edit: Successful left, by leaving almost exactly 88 minutes after landing (I subtracted a few minutes to not get hit in the cone). Now I have to go back to Colonia to repair my 9% hull

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    Wow! This is an incredible find and beautiful video and pics! Thanks, everyone I'll be sure to visit sometime.

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    My third visit : always brutal and awsome ! Thank you very much for the thread OP

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    Got down ok - suspect I was lucky with the timing. Had a 'bad feeling' so only went out for a minute in the SRV. Good job too - take-off was much scarier.

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    I've just visited this place, this is certainly not for the faint hearted.
    Once I recalled this ship inside the cone, then I rather dismissed it to avoid losing it - seeing the auto-pilot fighting with flux was quite entertaining, at the end it was able to wake out.

    The take off... well probably high waking is a better solution, as without heat sink the Adder got to almost 180% heat. Fortunately, I took an AFMU.

    Edit: my contribution to the list of images.

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    Made my own visit and documented it here:

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    [QUOTE=SushiCW;6443023]Made my own visit and documented it here:/QUOTE]

    Twelve minutes of awesomeness- that video was superb to watch!

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    Originally Posted by Leif_Erikson View Post (Source)
    Twelve minutes of awesomeness- that video was superb to watch!

    I wouldn't have watched it if you hadn't commented it like you did.

    It's really worth to watch it completely