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Thread: Elite Dangerous 2.4 - The Return

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    So, from what I'm gathering from forum activities:

    1. Thargoids are coming to the Black; and
    2. The malcontent playerbase of whiney old backers are leaving the Black


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    Are Duolingo doing a Thargoid pack yet?

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    okay, not bad ed. the reveal was fun

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    Originally Posted by Cagman View Post (Source)
    My concern with this is that it will be pew-pew, and no science or friendly relationship with them. If they are introduced as a Faction, at least players could pick a path (friend or foe).
    There are some guys in the California nebula that might help you with more friendly relations.
    Time will show.

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    click me ^

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    Had we only listened to CMDR Shepherd when he first warned us about this threat....
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    To say how mad i was at yesterdays rng failure this reveal was epic and im really hyped for 2.4 great work guys!

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    So just for Reference.
    Thargoids now Active in the Game and possibly Attacking us.
    Or this just a Teaser for a Future Update ?
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    Join the LIKEDEELER Faction in the Michel System! Take from the NPC and give to the player! We chug the mug!

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    Originally Posted by kofeyh View Post (Source)
    I'm not sure if you've been paying attention but they do seem to shoot at things when it's convenient for them to do so. So I'm all for being friendly but if they come for me I am going to take a few with me on my way to Valhalla. I don't take kindly to being shot at.
    Sure... but who shot first? We don't know. We only know that they beat the crap out of a Capital ship.

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    Originally Posted by Sunleader View Post (Source)
    So just for Reference.
    Thargoids now Active in the Game and possibly Attacking us.
    Or this just a Teaser for a Future Update ?
    This is a teaser.

    2.3 added the scenes of destroyed ships with the thargoid leaving.

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    Might be a good time to bring a backup Anaconda over to Colonia. Just in case.

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    Lol frontier is deleting criticizing posts so this will prolly never see light of the day either wonderful never again frontier never again you people do not deserver my money cause all the horizons was nothing more then a scam even this alien thing will prolly be fail.

    P.s for all the fan boys i wrote a g resume with aspects that are disliked and should be changed for game too be good, but it never reached light of day so i will not write any more of explanation

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    This is it? No Comets no new ships? Nothing else? Wait for the Lavecon? Just yet another oooo aliens are coming stall tactic before you release another minimally worked on update? It's been almost a year. I'm done caring. Bannerlord can't come soon enough...I can honestly say I hate you all right now.
    No. The Galaxy would be better off...Without Snakes.

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