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Thread: Elite Dangerous 2.4 - The Return

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    Don't listen to the naysayers and grumpies. Having spent hours yesterday evening trying to get hyperdicted and at the barnacles waiting for a flower with no luck, and missing the livestream today because of work I still love this way of advancing the narrative. A narrative lends itself much more to one or a few characters, while this is not that kind of game. It is much more like real life, where we cannot all be protagonists of the "big" story, while we are simultaneously the protagonists of our own smaller narratives. This is totally fine and excellent. Keep it up!

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    Applause for how this was done via the live stream event.

    Different from what other devs do and thats a good thing.

    Thanks for he suprise

    anxious watching at work on my iPhone shushing ppl

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    Originally Posted by Kicks View Post (Source)
    You're so cynical... I bet when you smell flowers, you think of a funeral....
    Well the grind is more boring than a Funeral, them need remove the RNG before add thargoids to that game.
    Priorities are priorities.

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    Originally Posted by PEREGRINUS19 View Post (Source)
    Thanks Ed for the warning
    Nice picture in the message.
    Is that a thing in the game we can do?

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    Originally Posted by Cagman View Post (Source)
    My concern with this is that it will be pew-pew, and no science or friendly relationship with them. If they are introduced as a Faction, at least players could pick a path (friend or foe).
    Yeah I'd hope that there would be a diplomacy or alien allied option available, and that the path isn't dictated by whoever shoots first.

    Pew pew is inevitable because some people will want to fight, and that's fine so long as people can choose to be on the alien side instead.

    Especially so here because I would rarely wing up, which, going by what Ed said on stream essentially means I as a solo player would be doing a lot of dying.

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    Peaceful negotiations simulation.

    Peaceful joint races missions.

    Peaceful mini games between races.

    Peaceful escort missions.

    Exploration into alien space.

    New and improved friendship drive, with extra waiting time and even more scripted events.

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    I`ll believe it when I see the next mega thread complaining about over powered thargoid ships dropping Cmdr`s left,right and center. This will be followed by the inevitable nerfing, resulting in the cuddly Thargoids to placate the oncoming flood of tears.

    Rinse and repeat.

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    Originally Posted by DarkMatterGenerator View Post (Source)
    Nice picture in the message.
    Is that a thing in the game we can do?
    I think so, yes. I'm about to log in and try it.

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    Really love this picture from the announcement video...

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    oh wait. Knew that the moment they put ??? next to 2.4.

    No info about season 3.....

    nothing to see here

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    Is this going to be based on Rngesus to see or interact with this new content?

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    Originally Posted by Tiny_Rick View Post (Source)
    So, from what I'm gathering from forum activities:

    1. Thargoids are coming to the Black; and
    2. The malcontent playerbase of whiney old backers are leaving the Black

    Will gladly fill the void left by #2 with my PS4 Pro.

    Very excited by this news today!

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    Originally Posted by Siobhan View Post (Source)
    Are Duolingo doing a Thargoid pack yet?
    I don't know about Duolingo, but I would crack open the wallet for a Thargoid voice pack.

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    So I am confused exactly as to what the beacons message is. Is it a clue to something else for us to find? Or literally just that "Thargoids are coming"

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    Umm great video, so the flower ships are thargoids, seem to fire green snot and hate the feds.
    I didnt do much alien grind and have only seen thargoids on YouTube.
    Out of the bubble. Exploring exploring right now.
    How do all the story links converge? Salome, rift, aliens, maia etc not really sure.
    Best align back with the alliance they are the fiends friends.
    Well well, exciting times, maybe can check out some nebulae in anticipation...

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