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Thread: New Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS One!

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    I was wondering if someone could provide me with a few measurements of the T-Flight, in metric of course:

    - length of the separator cable.
    - dimensions of both the base of the stick and base of the throttle.
    - what type of 'footing' is used on the bases and what the distances are between them per base, and how far the 'footing' portroedes.
    - length of the usb cable for connecting the HOTAS to the Xbox

    with this information i want to make 2 bases for the HOTAS and a way to attach them to my chair, for the full flight experience. and since i don't have the money yet to buy a HOTAS, i can't take these measurements myself.

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    Just FYI, Thrustmaster have a 20% off code active at the moment - THRUSTMASTER20 - so if anyone else has been hanging off pondering whether to pick one of these up they're in stock for 57 delivered.

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