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Thread: Jokes.

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    The third student is given the gun and enters the room. A few moments' go by and then there's a bang followed by lots of crashes and screaming. The man appears five minutes later dishevelled like he's been in a fight. "I fired the gun Sir but apparently it was loaded with blanks?!! So I beat her to death with the chair".
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    Santa Claus was on the witness stand in a civil suit. The plaintiff's attorney asked him. "Did you not, in a crowded mall, look directly at my client and call her not once, but three times, a ho?"

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    A word of wisdom.
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    Police attempt to pull a man over and he speeds away. After a high-speed chase the man is stopped and the policeman asks "Why did you run?"

    The man replies "My wife ran off with a cop last year, I thought you were trying to return her to me!"

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    The four most used words in the Elite Dangerous Universe. I told you so!

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