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Thread: Somewhat to my surprise, I'm rather enjoying mining

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    Originally Posted by JetJaguar View Post (Source)
    Hmm interesting, in some ways that is quite clever, but in another way it kind of sucks because I doubt they will ever give us way to go back to the same spot easily (by a user beacon for example) as it would be too easy to get a guaranteed good haul all the time (replenishing asteroids that can be farmed over and over) :/ In fact they probably would rather players did not know about that mechanic.

    I'd think rather have the ability to find a rare high yielding area, book mark it. Then it have the ability to be depleted gradually (to stop very OTT mining) or something like that .

    Perhaps the amount of data required to have the current system as is (but with user beacons) with the possibility to have them slowly be depleted would be too much to manage/ track.
    They also already have this functionality in game, to a degree. But not the way people often like: Resource Extraction Sites already have increased yields, if you're close enough to the center. For me, it seems to thin out around 6km or so.

    I've mined 29 tons of painite off a single asteroid in a Haz-RES (in Common, non-pristine ring, even), and those sorts of yields are not that uncommon. The higher intensity RES you can handle mining in, the better the rewards.

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    I got a mining laser on my Dolphin. I don't use it to really mine though, but instead I'll break off chunks and take a look at what comprises what. Also helps picking up some engineering goodies when I do it. In any case my mining is more so for science, even if taking core samples isn't in game.

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