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Thread: How do you explorers do it?

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    Originally Posted by CMDRvenerian View Post (Source)
    There are several ways to do it. Personally I started with relatively short trips (3 or 4 k Ly). I suggest starting small and going further and further as you go.

    Also, as the post above says, fix yourself a goal, a place to reach for example.

    If you are patient enough you will find really cool and unique places. You will find only a few every trip so be sure to write them down.

    You also have all the first discovered by tags that are a good motivation.

    Finally, especially with the latest updates, you can hope for a little money when you get back as well !
    It's like a staring contest. Just keep trying, do it a little at a time until the boredom becomes a comatose state of zombie like staring at the screen. If you can do that for weeks, you're an explorer of the limits of the human mind. You'll have to fight off urges to run back and find trade deals, get involved in CGs, do Power Play stuff, to mine or run missions or just bounty hunt! You'll have to ignore those urges as you instead point your ship "out there" and initiate warp factor .015 (don't want to miss an icy planet or asteroid belt).

    You'll need to adapt to names that seem to be randomly generated that there's zero chance you'll ever remember, so you'll need to screenshot anything cool. Of course you'll magically still have comms with the rest of the bubble even 25 thousand LY away because your radio is THAT good.

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    Im a Painite Prospector

    Im out in the black heading to the Veil West nebula on Eco jumps looking for uncharted Metalic rings to mine

    my Cutter has SRV's + SLF's to have fun with when i a bit space crazy

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    Originally Posted by Siranui View Post (Source)
    We don't know what you could *possibly* mean!
    Well I was assuming (hoping?) it was a reference to something from the 80s by Jeff Minter - with, like, camels and llamas and stuff.....

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    Originally Posted by Kayin View Post (Source)
    I can't stand the fact that no matter where I go in this enormous galaxy, everything looks the damn same. I mean, it's kind of fine when doing things like mining, engineering, fighting, gaming the economies, etc... but exploring? How do you explore the basically same solar system over and over?

    I'm actually serious. There are people exploring for months at a time. How do you do it? What's the joy for you?
    For me it's about the chance of finding something no-one else has. Also knowing, once I'm a fair way out, that I'm likely to be the first person to see it, and may be the only person ever to do so. The fascination of what might be in the next system, and the next, and the next. I don't tend to find many earth-likes for example, so when I do find one it's always a little exciting - if only we could land on em.The problem I have is a lack of reasons to linger in a system. And I'm tired of dropping to a planet to find geysers or magma, finally succeeding to find the necessary POI only to find nothing there.

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    Explorers do it in the dark.

    I thought everyone knew that....

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    The conversations are the worst...when ye start talking to yerself as yer sat in between a binary star or racing into nothingness at maximum warp or whatever its called, and yer stuck into the galaxy map trying to decide what direction to go in...fer an hour...

    Then give up and decide to play a little game...jump to every 3rd system as it appears on yer panel fer an hour and take bets on with yerself where ye end up. Then the arguments start because someone had to mention gambling...and then ye stop and actually think about what yer dding...yer arguing with yerself because ye havent seen another sinner in over 3 months...and then ye laugh...and keep going anyway into another random direction...

    I actually hate having an actual destination past 'over there in that direction somewhere'...I came out here to get lost, having an actual destination means Im not lost and know where I am...why would I wanna know where I am? I wouldnt be lost if I knew where I was and where I was going and that just wont do at all...

    The moment ye need to ask why is the moment ye should admit its not fer you and turn back. Takes a very particular type of personality and character to enjoy this kind of play as it will involve long periods of doing nothing more than staring at witchspace. Dont think along the lines of a few days or maybe even a couple weeks...this takes months if not years. This is as long term as it gets aint the yellow brick road son...and kansas went bye bye ^

    Sorry, what was the question again? Time fer my sponge bath nurse ^

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    Onion Head and Netflix.

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    I definately have to have a goal in mind. My first long trip was a round trip to horsehead (before that area was locked) through it, up to eta carina and back through coal sack (because I wanted to find the motie's home world - ever found it) then back just in time for Distant Worlds. Well a little behind but close enough I figured I could meet up with them which I did before Sag A.

    The goal of that expedition was obvious.

    The next one was going out to Jaques when it was first discovered (have the patch for it and DWE). Then enjoyed the elysium cluster trip. That one came with a benefit of having an even better engineered FSD and an exploration Anaconda build.

    I decided to go to the top of the galaxy from Colonia just because it was there.

    Obviously money wasn't a motivator nor even fame at least on the elysium trip, we all had to die so no names (save for a few for extenuating circumstances).

    If it is a long way to my destination, I watch episodes of Critical Role.

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    For me, I've kinda developed this thing for low gravity rocky ice worlds. I have SLFs and SRVs in the conda that are always at the ready to take on the deepest canyons and tallest mountains.

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    Alcohol, Netflix, a fascination with faux space photography, and a childhood desire to play the role of a Star Trek explorer.

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    I just enjoy the feel of the black, the nothingness that envelops you as you move farther and farther from humanity the feeling you get when you find something nobody else has ever seen is...exhilarating. Knowing you're the first human to lay eyes upon a star system or a black hole, and getting to test the limits of your patience and sanity. When the space madness starts, you can always touch down on a landfall moon or planet and roam around to remember what the ground feels like.

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    Like "rounding the horn" was to mariners of old, you can't really call yourself a complete commander until you've basked in the glory of Sag A.
    Only then do you get the ring in your ear-- or the ringing in your ear when you kill yourself after contemplating the journey back to the bubble.

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    Exploring to me personally is a mind numbingly dire activity in this game.

    It needs better tools, discoveries, rare objects, opportunities to settle on your own discoverd world.

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    Beer, wine or spirits.


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    Originally Posted by Urbanski101 View Post (Source)
    ....It could be a real phenomenon, more likely it's a glitch in the stellar forge but whichever it is I'm now keeping an eye on finding the smallest moon with an atmosphere....just for the record....
    I've recently developed a micro-obsession with finding the galaxy's biggest snowball. You get so sick of seeing the average ones, a truly huge example suddenly stands out.

    My current trip has revealed this whale of an iceberg; possibly the biggest landable snowball I've found to date- although I'm pretty sure that Kelvin temperature is absolutely wrong.

    Actually, given its proximity to not one, but two stars (<7ls from that brown dwarf), the temperature is probably right. It shouldn't be an ice world at all.

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