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Thread: Help passenger mission

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    Help passenger mission

    Hey all, I need some help.
    I recently bought a new ship, kitted it out for my first passenger missions and set out.
    Tegan Leach wants to go to the Neutron Bloom and collect data.
    2 days later, I arrive near the spot, but I can't get to the actual spot. The icon on the galaxy map that indicates where I need to go, is unselectable. It's at the end of a distance line from a nearby planet, but there is no planet there to lock on to. There are no other instructions on what to do, no system name to look up, just Neutron Bloom.

    I have no idea what to do now. I've tried to research online Tegan Leach and/or Neutron Bloom, but nothing comes up.

    So, I'm stuck out in the middle of nowhere and not sure what to do now. Please help.

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    Sorry, I'm lost here. Could you perhaps post a screenshot?

    The Galaxy Map doesn't show planets, only systems. So, if you're in the Galaxy Map and the target location is not selctable, then that is probably because you have not switched on all star classes (or whatever view you're currently in).

    If, however, you're in the System Map and can't see your target, then this is probably because you're lacking the system map info which you can get from a (advanced, for preference) Discovery Scanner, scanning the Nav Beacon (if there is one) or buying it from Cartographics (again, no idea whether this works for systems far out).

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    Hi I'm slightly confused but if I read you correctly you say the destination star is unselectable? Try zooming in carefully and using the Gal Map view controls to tweak your view. Sometimes pinpointing the actual star can be tricky. Also, in every Passenger Mission I've tried they always give the precise Star System, you should see that in the transactions tab on the left panel.

    Hopefully once you arrive at the system you need to use a discovery scanner (advanced makes it easier). You should then see a list of "Unknown" bodies in the left hand Nav List and the system map. One of them should have the mission icon next to it. Once you are near then scan it, with any luck you should then be able to target "Neutron Bloom". When you have scanned that, the passenger will normally say thanks the beers are on me etc. and ask to go back to your mission start system so you can collect payment, which is also conveniently listed in the message.

    If for whatever reason the exact Star system hasn't been given, I hate to say but it sounds like a bug but bear in mind these missions are procedurally generated, (you might have seen a mission to kill "X Pirate" not "Pirates" for example). There will never be one the same again with the same person! So it's not surprising you found nothing to search for. Good luck and let us know if I've mis-understood your problem.