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Thread: A big thanks to you all!

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    Originally Posted by Sir T.j View Post (Source)
    Harry potter I believe...

    ***Runs away very very fast... ***
    :: posts 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 credit bounty on TJ ::

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    Originally Posted by who? View Post (Source)
    Can it be a coincidence that you're leaving just weeks/months before the Aliens arrive? I'm not saying you're turning brave Sir Robin... but are they that bad?
    Actually, he's going back to the mothership to give his report on humanity.

    And you thought the Salome debacle was the biggest double cross ever...

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    Originally Posted by Michael Brookes View Post (Source)
    I’m moving onto the secret project we announced a few months ago. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and another game I’m proud to be involved with.
    Just saw this. So you are moving on and leaving ED in the mess you created. And so your going to go mess another game up? Really? Sorry to be harsh however your skills do not lie in this area! Wings still doesn't work properly for one! Its unfinished and unpolished with nothing really to do. Epic fail, sadly.

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    Good luck Michael and thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

    Apologies in advance should I kill you in the Black


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    Good luck Michael, all the very best for the new adventure on the "secret" project/.

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    Good luck with the new Project....stay "grounded"

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    Best of luck in all future endeavours Michael. Should we ever meet in real life, the first tall frosty beverage of your choice is on me.


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    Thanks for everything Michael, best of luck in your new adventures :-)

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    Will you be doing the voiceover work for "Bob the Builder"?

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    Thank you very much for your work Michael! Best of luck in the future! Pretty curios about the secret project

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    Well, I have to say I'm gutted that FDev aren't working on a Thomas the Tank Engine Game, not even "soon"

    And I guess the idea of Thargoids wielding battle axes just didn't float, ho hum. So who's the new lead producer and new member of the team?

    Best of luck with the new project Michael, see you in Colonia

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    If I may interject here, you're leaving at what is perhaps thee most monumental moment in fdev's development ..the sales are in the top ten across both consoles...the epic 2.4 update...The sales are rocketing. It must be a very very special project to entice you away..

    Good luck Michael

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    You will be remembered in elite universe. Good luck and have fun.


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    Cheers, Michael. Thanks for all your work and dedication that you have put into my favourite game. All the very best for the future - and hope you keep in touch with the Elite community.

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