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Thread: A big thanks to you all!

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    Hmm.... Lave Radio has a theory that the "secret project" is Thomas the Tank Engine.... Michael Brookes moving to work on it makes that particular hype train look much more likely ;-)

    Michael, do please keep writing your science fiction. I've been enjoying Sun Dragon and the Tau Ceti Misssion stories! And good luck with "the secret project" too.

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    o7 and thanks for the hard work.

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    So long Micheal, and good luck on the new IP game. Your presence will certainly be missed in the Canonn thread.

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    All the very best on the new project, Michael!

    .... and thanks for everything on Elite: Dangerous.

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    Originally Posted by Michael Brookes View Post (Source)
    Sadly not - but maybe soon :-)

    It wouldn't be the same without a soon TM in there somewhere!

    The very best of grand good luck with your new project! o7

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    So long and thanks for the Dev updates.

    Good luck with the new game (can we have Dev updates for that too please!)

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    We'll miss you Mr.Brooks Hope you can comeback sometime in the future

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    This has gotta be TJ's doing.

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    I think the most important question Mike is will we still be seeing you at Lavecon?

    Ben / Cmdr Eid LeWeise

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    Originally Posted by Michael Brookes View Post (Source)
    I'm still playing the game, so will be keeping track of what's happening :-)

    Oh I know you're still playing the game, I just hope you pop your head into the threadnaught every now and then to say hi. We miss you over there.

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    Onward and upward. The new project will be all the better for having you there at the helm!

    Of course, over the last three years it has been a pleasure to talk to you, read your words and works and meet with you in person on many occasions and long may that continue!

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    Originally Posted by Mephane View Post (Source)
    May the speculation commence!

    Maybe it's the Mistress Of Minions?
    I'm gonna say i reckon it's Adam.

    Originally Posted by EidLeWeise View Post (Source)
    I think the most important question Mike is will we still be seeing you at Lavecon?

    Ben / Cmdr Eid LeWeise
    It says so in the first post

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    Originally Posted by Michael Brookes View Post (Source)
    Hi everyone,

    Iíve worked at Frontier now for over 14 years, and in that time Iíve had the pleasure on working on a diverse range of projects. In fact of all the games weíve released in that time thereís only three Iíve not worked on in some capacity! The most significant of which was Elite Dangerous. Since becoming involved in the Kickstarter, and the subsequent development itís been a major factor not only in my professional life, but in my social one as well. As with any multi-project company people occasionally move between games, and itís with great pleasure (and some sadness) that I can let you know that Iím moving onto the secret project we announced a few months ago. Itís a fantastic opportunity, and another game Iím proud to be involved with. While I will miss not being so closely involved in Elite, Iíll still be playing the game regularly and participating in the community where I can Ė Iím currently making my way to Colonia in my Imperial Courier :-)

    I should emphasise that this doesnít affect Eliteís future. Development will continue with its large and active development team. The production team remains exactly the same with a new addition to the production team and theyíre all a more than capable crew, and of course David remains a key decision maker for the game. Iím looking forward to 2.4ís release Ė thereís some very cool stuff in there! And that is nothing compared to what lies further in the future.

    Iíd also like to thank the community for your involvement. Since the game was first announced itís been a pleasure to join you in a shared enthusiasm. Iíve had the pleasure of meeting many of you in person, and itís always a great feeling to appreciate the passion that you have for the game. I think the first Lavecon will always stand out as a key moment, but there have been many others since the gameís release, and itís always great to see some of the things like epic rescues and community events that take place in our galaxy. I will be attending Lavecon again this year as a fan of Elite and to meet with old friends and the fantastic community. Naturally Iíll keep an eye on the forums and pop in from time to time!

    So thanks to you all, and I may see you in the black...

    Good luck!

    PS: Who is taking over?

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    Congratulations on the new project Michael and thank you for being a guiding hand for Elite Dangerous these last years.

    I'll see you at Lavecon

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