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Thread: Singularity Movement demands and end to outside interference with Palin

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    Singularity Movement demands and end to outside interference with Palin

    Over the last twenty fout hours independent pilots of the Singularity movement have mounted a series of attacks on the Federal forces blockading the Palin Research Centre in Maia. These attacks are in response to the Federations illegal interference with Professor Palins work and theft of data provided to him by the galactic community. We consider it to be of paramount importance that humanity's leading expert on the mysteries of the Pleiades be allowed to continue his work without interference and demand that the Federal battlegroup be withdrawn from the immediate area, our attacks will continue until these demands are met.

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    In a textbook operation ships of the Singularity Movement tonight routed the Battlecruiser FNS Perseus from her station above the Palin Research Centre. The attack was pressed home with great skill and coolness in the face of fierce opposition , minimal friendly losses were sustained. We regret that such action was necessary but this campaign will continue until Professor Palin is left free to continue his work without interference.

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    In its first success since its formation the Singularity Movement is pleased to report that the Farragut class battlecruiser FNS Perseus has been withdrawn from its station above the Palin Research Centre following repeated attacks by Singularity and its allies. The Federal military presence remains in the form of a number of squadrons of Vulture heavy fighters. Several of these ships were destroyed tonight in a running engagement with the Corvette Resolution. Our campaign will continue until the Federation completely withdraws its forces from the vicinity of Professor Palin's base.