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  • 01 - Frank - Chip off the Old Block

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  • 02 - JetsonRING - "I Was Thinking . . . Maybe You Would Like . . .

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  • 03 - cleonymus - A treatise on an excerpt from the Commanders guide to...

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  • 04 - phong - Help Wanted:Valet de chambre

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  • 05 - Simoof - The plans of mice and men - a story bound in constrictive love.

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  • 06 - Listeri69 - Tied to the earth : A story of Suction, Scramble and Scat...

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  • 07 - Pseudonym - A rewarding life

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  • 08 - Edith_The_Hutt - Fettered

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  • 09 - Galactic Midden - Love And Passion - A Burning Sensation

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  • 10 - FancyPants - Charming

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  • 11 - Sugar Wallace - A Thaime to Die

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  • 12 - Melanie Bulwinkle - Tidying loose ends

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  • 13 - Rear Admiral Panties O'Flatulence - Mugging the 'Goids

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  • 14 - Serious Not Sillious - Be careful who you work for

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  • 15 - Livid Frank - Meals On Wheels

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  • 16 - Furious Listerine - Warning may contain nuts, gluten and mild racism

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  • 17 - 2 the Point Tj - The Good Ship Drabble

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  • 18 - Spaceman83 - A Drabble About Piracy

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  • 19 - Erik Marcaigh - Mum is Sometimes the Best Word

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Thread: Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest #207: Dangerous Ties

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    Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest #207: Dangerous Ties

    We have a bumper crop for you this week. There's a short story to cater for every taste, and with each story only being 100 words long, each yarn is easily digestible.

    Congratulations Galactic Midden for winning last week's contest . All your votes were much deserved. His choice this week was "Dangerous Ties".

    Psykokow hosts the Abraka-Drabble live reading show and "comedy" hour at 7pm BST, Fridays on...
    HUTTON ORBITAL RADIO! (audio only)
    LAVE RADIO! (audio only)
    TWITCH! (audio & visual)
    and will also be uploaded to his You-tube channel & anywhere else he can inflict the world with our drabblings!

    Come back on Sunday night to see how well your Drabble has done. At least come back before Monday 15:00 to check if you're the one that has to provide us with a topic.

    Please vote. And a warning to all of the contestants, Don't vote for yourself. Anyone caught voting for themselves will be tied up

    01 - Frank - Chip off the Old Block

    The old man leant on his spade and examined his soil. "Needs fertiliser!" A sound made him look up. A Diamondback was extending undercarriage and descending.

    The two mercenaries approached. One asked "Are you Sol Carlos?"

    The other watched his partner lean his head in to hear the reply, and the horror of seeing that head deftly removed by the nano-sharp spade. The terror in his eyes contrasted the old man's calm.

    Sol dragged the bodies to spread their blood evenly over the soil muttering "Why'd they think the father of the famous Ethan Carlos would be such a pushover?"

    02 - JetsonRING - "I Was Thinking . . . Maybe You Would Like . . . To Tie Me Up . . . With Some Of Your Ties . . . Ty?" Lacie Underall - Caddyshack

    CMDR Sprycel fidgeted and waited.

    The cafeteria was quiet this time of day and
    he had consciously chosen the booth farthest back
    away from the windows to gain some privacy.

    The aliens were in the news again,
    space-flowers interacting with barnacles
    in full view of human gawkers.

    He felt bad for what he was doing to his own kind but she was worth it,
    absorbed in his own thoughts he didn’t notice until she was right there.

    Gorgeous, dominant, she was teaching him “the ropes” and Bless her,
    she could tie all the knots in the most exquisitely
    excruciating fashion . . .


    03 - cleonymus - A treatise on an excerpt from the Commanders guide to the do's and don'ts of galactic society with regards to the use and abuse of ancient and modern neckwear in the context of the latest materials, designs and regulations with particular reference to the Pilots federation manual, appendix 5501 subsection 2.

    There are hazards like getting caught in machinery, choking, having your tie used as a restraint by pirates,

    There are less obvious hazards, such as a case of poor taste or the possibility of blinding others by the selection an especially jarring pattern

    Some commanders do not realise that they can also cause problems at formal functions, especially in Imperial society where a duel is still considered a reasonable response to a fashion faux pas.

    Next week I may tell you the example where a tie caused major loss of life and the temporary permit locking of a whole system.

    04 - phong - Help Wanted:Valet de chambre

    Lord Layne came to slowly with a throbbing head and a sense of something amiss.Waves of pain seemed to radiate through his body when he moved,and he sensed a trickle of blood from a gash on his forehead.The last he remembered,he'd taken no more than a couple of steps from his chair when a mysterious force had checked him and he tumbled headfirst to the deck.Being waited upon hand and foot sounds dandy in principal,but when the slave who ties your shoes is named Simoof,trouble is sure to be not far behind.

    05 - Simoof - The plans of mice and men - a story bound in constrictive love.

    Johnny sat contemplatively in his python.
    He could taste blood at the back of his throat - this was it.
    It's amazing; if the universe is out to get you it will, 100% of the time, get you.
    The black nothingness - occasional sparkles of light - an inconsistant firework show.
    Even silence was broken with the occasional inaudible fizzing and popping.
    The darkeness grew. The walls tightening more around him crushing the life out of him.
    Tha ambassadors ball - he never was one for formalities.
    Clip-on ties for him, he grabbed the wrong one.
    How did his snake get in his closet?

    06 - Listeri69 - Tied to the earth : A story of Suction, Scramble and Scat...

    Scray ping coq was in agony 'Medic!'
    'Gone, lost under the folds' the reply came from the cave 'Quicksand, or whatever this goo is'
    'I need someone to tug me off' Scray was touching cloth, seconds from bursting another egg
    HIs asp had caused many creatures to burst out, as it sank into the moist ooze
    the egg burst under him as the protective cloth ripped with a tear that reverberated around the cave
    An easy science mission they said on the board.
    Scray had one last chance, his emergency green curry paste it was a dangerous idea
    'Engaging Shytespeed....'

    07 - Pseudonym - A rewarding life

    'So all I get for 50 years service to the Federation is this badly boxed tie'
    'It's not just a tie, It's a Dangerous tie, look it has your name and rank 'Dangerous' on it. Anyway we're having a party for you later I'm sure a few drinks will cheer you up'
    'Cheer me up? I'm the cmdr who took on 10 imperial ships at the battle of Gilise, attacked the base on HIP 3222 on my own, flew into the Nav beacon at LP-4295....'
    'Yes, and got destroyed every time...'

    Cmdr tallywacker pulled the tie tighter and passed out...

    08 - Edith_The_Hutt - Fettered

    The courier's engines blazed blue-white whilst speeding from the ring. Dan read the comm panel through tears.


    A dozen triangles flickered and danced in front of him.


    A pirate bounced from the T-9's hull and exploded, the courier was almost clear of mass lock.


    Dan spun the courier, hammered the boost and deployed hard points. He target-locked the closest pirate


    09 - Galactic Midden - Love And Passion - A Burning Sensation

    The burning skies of Preot-3 shouted "find safe harbour" and Jen ran for the only shelter left intact. A shadow made her look skyward, green fire beltching from its approaching owner.

    Had Seb caused this? He'd repeatedly mentioned links between the Lost and the Others. Today he babbled incessantly about 'The Returning' and 'new combinations from old'.

    The structure erupted in flame, bugs swarming, Jen ducked in panic. 'These scavengers had turned aggressive'! Something struck her arm and she fell screaming in pain. 'What had Seb done?'

    She'd always been his second love, now she feared she was his last.

    10 - FancyPants - Charming

    'You have to be sodding kidding me...'
    'But they're all over the damn marketplace. How are we supposed to get them back?'
    'Look Commander, you brought the bloody things in, now it's your job to get them off this rock before somebody gets killed.'
    'Are you sure that report's right?'
    'For the last time, yes. It says right here, look.'
    'Pure silk' he'd said. '100% retail surplus.'
    Crap. Why did he have to buy all those bloody cravats?

    11 - Sugar Wallace - A Thaime to Die

    Grasping the control stick, she dived once again into the mists, hoping against hope to find salvation among the canyons.
    A blast to her right smashed her into her seat.
    'Crap! The thrusters!'
    Her ship now listing over to the left uncontrollably, there would only be time to hit eject and hope..
    Falling. Falling now. Remlok deployed. Parachute too. Ok, ok, good. What next? Weapon.
    She grabbed the blaster from her chest pocket and slid back the charger.
    What's that?
    Pain. Numbness now. It was a mistake to try and take out one of these Golden Triangle pilots.

    12 - Melanie Bulwinkle - Tidying loose ends

    From within a soundproof booth of the brothel she plied her trade.
    'Ouch! Loosen the damn things off would you honey?'
    'Say please.'
    'Please! They're cutting into me.'
    'What's the magic word?'
    'What? We never spoke about a magic word? How can I-Aaaarrgh!'
    'You like that? Is that tight enough for you now you piece of ?'
    'Gah! Look, please, I don't know who you're working for but whatever they're paying, I'll double it.'
    'Not this time Commander.'
    'There's always a price! I'll triple it!'
    'Remember me now, Colonel?'
    She slid the blade in slowly, enjoying every scream and squeal.

    13 - Rear Admiral Panties O'Flatulence - Mugging the 'Goids

    'Run me through that again.'
    'I'm serious. They went all that way and then gave it a bloody mug.'
    'I know! A whole fleet of the buggers headed out there, dived into their SRVs, got right up in its face and then threw a bloody mug at it!'
    'They can't have heard the reports then.'
    'No, seems they were blissfully unaware of the ties to the Anaconda graveyard when they set off and they must have had their comms off or been listening to some radio station or whatever. Either way, they haven't been heard from since.'
    'Silly Truckers.'

    14 - Serious Not Sillious - Be careful who you work for

    Barely visible, the ships hung in seemingly random positions, nothing betraying their tactical formation should the need for action arise. Group Commander Stevens looked to her comms, scanning local subspace channels for signals. They would be here soon, and this time she would see them coming.
    A flicker...
    A audible comms crackle and then silence.
    She scanned for a local anomaly and found nothing.
    She looked to the short range scanners to see if her 12 strong team had sensed the same.
    Nothing but random ballooning debris filled her screen.
    Gone. They were gone. Not even a heat signature remained.

    15 - Livid Frank - Meals On Wheels

    These races were getting competitive. It used to be just a bit of fun to make the fastest motorised meat-based pastry; to watch pasties, bridies, and pies zooming around the floor. But dangling a Kindle as a prize in front of racers' noses brought out their evil sides.

    Frank saw his chance while Kow was distracted by a shiny new toy. He snatched Kow's pie and bit it open to fish out the single-board computer contained within. Frank wanted a copy of the software that so cleverly utilised the energy stored in the meat filling. It made his pie racy.

    16 - Furious Listerine - Warning may contain nuts, gluten and mild racism

    Simoof drew a large willie on the galaxy map.. 'that area sexiest food in the galaxy'
    'I don't like it' kow moaned
    'Listen It's a party, all we are doing is picking up the supplies''
    'I don't understand why the party has to have 'sexy food' Why can't they just have plain food
    'That Ed Lewis guy is going to be there, he only eats sexy food'
    'Well i'm not getting sausage rolls not after last year'
    'Slave sausage rolls...'
    'This place here looks good..pies, pies pies!'
    'Hello Sweetcheeks. Have you come for Capt Skippy and his racy pies?'

    17 - 2 the Point Tj - The Good Ship Drabble

    Audience participation is requested and encouraged.....

    'Twas on the good ship Drabble,
    By Christ they're all geniuses,
    The figurehead was Ed in bed,
    And the mast a rampant .............

    The Captains name was Kow
    His onsie made folks aghast
    At the prow he slipped back on the mast.
    He winced with a grin yelped ................

    The first mates name Frank
    By heck he liked a spank,
    When the ship wouldn't bank
    They'd call for Frank,
    Who was found having a relaxing..........

    The Cabin boy was moof.
    He didn't have much luck
    Of that there was proof
    From below t'was a thud and a yowling cry of.....

    18 - Spaceman83 - A Drabble About Piracy

    The dread pirate Siree readied himself for actions, his multicannons already upgraded with the dreaded 120-cycles per minute boost. Guaranteed to bring satisfactions with their murderous discharge.

    Ahead on the viewscreen a ship appeared, a casual scan proved the ship 'moistly harmless'; thusly ripe for the picking from the overly equipped pirate and his array of suggestive projectile weaponary.

    "Your GP or your HP" Siree yelled into the comms as he approached the vessel, the multicannons spinning up in anticipation for the reply.

    The confused reply came shortly thereafter, "Hi, It's me, Cecil. I'm out of Gin. Please send help"

    19 - Erik Marcaigh - Mum is Sometimes the Best Word

    There was a gleam in the mercenary's eye as he dictated to the newspaper clerk, "The evil blaggard who terrorized the Orion Nebula, Mark Finn was killed today by the expert piloting skills of Tom Clemens, who sawed the left wingtip off his Cobra by precision aiming. The spacecraft plummeted like a stone towards..."

    The door burst open and there was the hint of someone tumbling in, difficult to see through the light show of plasma blasts.

    Mark read the screen that sat between the two fresh corpses. He chuckled to himself, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

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    On Thursday night I copied all the Drabbles from the Drabble thread over to here for the poll. It wasn't until now that I read them to vote on them. Some of them are from the Piracy Drabble contest at Lavecon. I don't read them when I'm copying them over so I didn't know that it was what was the case. So what happened?

    I thought there was a separate judging that happened at Lavecon? What are all those Drabbles doing in the main thread?

    And what do we do now? Do we just call this one null and void and start another next week?

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    That's probably the safest option

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    If Galactic Midden is still around he can do the honours of choosing this week's topic.

    So what happened at Lavecon? Was there no Drabble contest?

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    If Galactic Midden is still around he can do the honours of choosing this week's topic.

    So what happened at Lavecon? Was there no Drabble contest?
    What happened at Lavecon stays at Lavecon!

    As Psykokow is sick as a parrot at the moment I think we can forgive him. What we're forgiving him for I'm not sure, but we'll forgive him all the same. He is a good egg after all.

    I shall mull over to the main thread and see what I can muster as a drabble topic.

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    And this week was the week we were all sure to win

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    Good call everyone, I am well- ish and systems seem to be running well again, hoping for a nice smooth show Friday.. so probably a nightmare night on its way!!

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    Erm, this poll shows that there were zero votes recorded...?

    Is the forum acting funky or something?

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    No one can say for sure what happened that dark stormy night. T'was a night like no other. T'was a Friday.

    All we know is there had been some tomfoolery in the drabble thread; accusations of things forgotten from Lavecon; a cow tried to commit hara-kiri to steal the sympathy vote; and an old man got tricked when hoisting his poll. Not to mention nobody cared enough to cast any votes

    So we did a reboot and pretended it never happened.

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    Good idea Midden. Let us never speak of this thread again, and hopefully if nobody posts anything else to it then it can just slowly sink into the forgotten depths of time.

    It was zero votes all round and so I suppose in a way you could say that we were ALL winners.. not in any meaningful way, but in some sort of mealy-mouthed way.

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    now there's an expression I've not heard in a while. It would make a good topic for a drabble competition too. We should add it to the repository of amazement and suggestion, where one day it may serve some purpose. A purpose far greater than this thread has been