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Thread: Murder hobos vs CG piracy

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    Originally Posted by kofeyh View Post (Source)
    If you believe frontier can tell the difference between a pirate and a PKer, when even half the player base can't and lump the two together, then there's a bridge in Sydney I'd love to sell you.
    It's not hard.

    Did the player steal cargo?


    Then it was just a murder. - record murder hobo level karma


    Did they kill the other ship?


    Then they are a murderous pirate - Record murderous pirate karma


    Pure Piracy. - Record piracy Karma

    Pretty simple isn't it?

    You can get more complicated though, add these into it.

    Did they use a cargo scanner?

    Did they use hatch limpets?

    Did they disable thrusters?

    Did they disable weapons?

    Did they disable power plant?

    Of course, a murder hobo could do all of these things, and THEN kill you, however, that's still going to be recorded as a murderous version of whatever your doing, with all the other elements lowering it from pure murder hobo-ness.

    But all these other things either require specific equipment (meaning a pure combat focussed PVP build becomes less able to apply the "debuffs" to murder hobo karma) and/or take more time/effort, and at least make it feel more like being pirated, rather than being randomly murdered for no reason/give you more time/chance to escape.

    I don't know, it seems fairly easy to at the least, filter out straight up murder hobo random lolz bunnies.
    The rest would be incremental, and make sense to be incremental.

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    First of all, I'm not even sure why you were replying to me because you went off on such an unrelated tangent from my point, or even your own opening line.

    Originally Posted by kofeyh View Post (Source)
    Frontier have no way of determining who is at fault during a high-speed collision in an NFZ.
    What utter rubbish,

    If there's a high-speed collision in an NFZ resulting in a murder, the other party is:

    Guilty if they were speeding at the time of the collision.
    Innocent if they were not speeding at the time of the collision.

    Crashing into someone at high speed is your fault.
    Being flown into by someone else at high speed is not your fault.
    If both people were speeding, they are both at fault
    If neither were speeding, then neither were at fault - even if the result was that a ship was destroyed. The pilot of the destroyed ship is at fault for being unable to avoid a slow-moving ship and simultaneously being in something so fragile that it cannot survive a low-speed collision.

    Your analogy of horse, then cart is also not applicable; PVP is more like chicken and egg in that griefers will look to exploit whatever system is in place, regardless of the context. That is what drives them.

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