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Thread: New Free Military Flight Suits for all Elite Dangerous: Horizons Commanders

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    Originally Posted by Support-Atom View Post (Source)

    I like your name. I'm a fan of 'Grunts', great book!

    Was a bit confusing, though, when I instanced with some east european players. One of them kept calling me "Ashnaki", so I had a look:
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    If you are bigger than me, then you're in charge.
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    YES.....Hudson crimson, NICE!

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    FDev ! are you out to destroy Capitalism as we know it?

    Bad.. Bad FDev

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    Black suit with red accents, when?

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    Sweet Thanks Waiting for more, a Cobra painting was going well
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    Thanks Ed, you guys rock!

    One question: will this flight suit help me get my SLF back out of the alien base where it's currently trapped behind an unresponsive door?

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    Contribution to store stress testing complete.

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    Thanks kindly Frontier
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    Now i have to buy something to requite

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    These are cool.

    I was wondering if Frontier could put together a PowerPlay and Superpower packs of sorts? Each pack would contain one flight suit, one name plate, one engine colour, one weapon colour, and one ship paint for all ships, using the official colours of that PowerPlay character or Superpower.

    Most of these already exist, so it would mostly be a matter of repackaging some of the things that already exist into distinct packages.
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