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Thread: Elite Dangerous: Premonition Out Now

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    FDev...Please please please release an audio version..... Please!

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    Originally Posted by S100py View Post (Source)
    FDev...Please please please release an audio version..... Please!
    This, a thousand times this.

    The audio version of Reclamation was one of my "reading" highlights of the year. I'd love it if Premonition got the same treatment

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    Reclamation - great e-book....diabolical audio book.

    Premonition - undoubtedly a good e-book.........but audio book?
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    I finished reading it just the other day. I have to be honest ... it's the first real book that I've actually *read* in a long time. Most of the time I either listen to books on Audible or via the "Read Aloud" feature in Google's "Play Books" application. I used to read books all the time but fell out of the habit when my children were born. I may just have to pick the habit back up. I really enjoyed it.

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    Can we get an Audiobook version?

    i suck at focusing on pages of text no mater how intresting it it.
    also i love to multi-tasking (playing games whilst listening to... , relaxing in the train whilst listening to... , getting my daily walks/exorcise in whilst listening to... cleaning house whilst listening to... you get the point) .. and books you can't multitask.

    PS: Reading isn't relaxing to me.

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