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  • 01 - phong - Sweet,and greasy on the palm

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  • 02 - cleonymus - The fashion of chaos.

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  • 03 - Frank - The Under the Table Deal Over the Table

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  • 04 - Listeri69 - The Tart of the Deal : A story of Dark roo...

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  • 05 - Galactic Midden - Dying for a gift or a bribe? Don't l...

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  • 06 - Charlie Cartmel - Bribery

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  • 07 - Edith_The_Hutt - A Gentlepilot's guide to Colonia - "G...

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  • 08 - JetsonRING - The grass always appears greener . . .

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  • 09 - insanephoton - Meeting the new guy

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  • 10 - Nat - "Leap of Faith"

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Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest #208: Bribery

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    Drabble Short Story Contest #208: Bribery

    Hopefully this week won't be as farcical as last week. It should be a nice easy Drabble contest about a subject most of the Drabble regulars are very familiar with... "Bribery"

    Congratulations Galactic Midden for winning the week before last's contest . If I can remember that far back I do think all your votes were much deserved.

    Psykokow hosts the Abraka-Drabble live reading show and "comedy" hour at 7pm BST, Fridays on...
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    TWITCH! (audio & visual)
    and will also be uploaded to his You-tube channel & anywhere else he can inflict the world with our drabblings!

    Come back on Sunday night to see how well your Drabble has done. At least come back before Monday 15:00 to check if you're the one that has to provide us with a topic.

    Please vote. And a warning to all of the contestants, Don't vote for yourself. If anyone does want to cheat they can find me at the usual place.

    01 - phong - Sweet,and greasy on the palm

    Anna Furlactic studied the new growth thoughtfully.Her hydroponics experiments often produced unexpected
    results,but the flourescent russet colouring was almost as startling as the peculiar shape in which the two
    large fruits nestled,suspended as on a washing line.She reached in and gently removed the first of these
    with both hands,surprised not so much by the weight as the slickness on her skin. As she bit into the
    inviting succulence of its flesh,she savoured the explosion of sweetness that flooded her mouth,which
    left a sight aftertaste of bitterness.Then she ate another.Ruddy Bra berry.

    02 - cleonymus - The fashion of chaos.

    The senator looked at the piece of cloth the commander was holding. Sealed in ancient perspex, it had accompanying documentation that took it back to the earliest days of human space flight.
    "You just want this 'artifact' smuggled aboard the station and hidden. You realise this would guarentee a system wide war? There would be deaths and repercussions from the pilots guild. They could close the system to all traffic indefinitely."
    The commander smiled as the cabin echoed to a corrosion warning,
    "Then I suggest you exit the system with your new tie, as soon as the package is delivered."

    03 - Frank - The Under the Table Deal Over the Table

    "The Cobra passed!?"

    Seb shrugged.

    Stacey continued, "You know a port thruster's dodgy. Everything shakes when we push it hard. The idea was to put it through its annual test and see what else it fails on."

    "The examiner was happy with the ship. He even gave me a smile when shaking hands to leave."

    "Well we're talking it to the outfitter's anyway. Where's our money?"

    Seb checked a pouch Velcro-ed to the desk.

    "Nah! I knew we would need at least to get that thruster fixed. I just left it sitting with gravity on this table. Where is it?"

    04 - Listeri69 - The Tart of the Deal : A story of Dark rooms, Underhand dealings and Rubber....

    A large wad of credits slid over the barroom table..
    '6000, it's all there, now the goods?'
    'Patience, One doesn't bring the goods into such an environment...if it's proof you're after..'
    A battered dataslate hit the table causing several drinks to slop their contents 'You can track the goods every movement, just like Gal-ex'
    'You just make sure it arrives where we agreed, and I don't want any security hanging around either'
    'oh 6000 credits gets you the full package wherever you want it...'

    Simoof could barely contain his excitement, he was finally going to get pegged off Susan Boils...

    05 - Galactic Midden - Dying for a gift or a bribe? Don't let MOM prescribe

    Tex studied the silver box presented to him, "this the gift?".

    "Take it" the Fed's covert Master of Missions replied, "you'll need it to transmit to the target".

    "Doesn't look like a communicator" Tex grumbled.

    "I never said it was" came the stern reply, "but the gift won't work without it".

    "About this gift...".

    "No questions pilot, just let us guide you".

    Desperately needing to settle his debts, Tex grabbed the box then winced as a burning fever caused him to black out. Next he found himself at gunpoint aboard the Empire's flagship.

    "Aaaaaah bring a gift!", Tex coughed bloodily.

    06 - Charlie Cartmel - Bribery

    The commander sat at the desk and powered up Elite. After undocking the anaconda “Spirit of Hope” a course was set to a conflict zone within the system and although in a wing with corvettes was wary of the capital ships there. Anticipation of success was high however as significant upgrades and engineered modules had been fitted since the last fiasco where a rebuy was the result.
    Suddenly the pilot’s partner came in and wanted to do stuff together.
    “Go buy yourself something pretty” the commander said flourishing a £50 note.
    At this point the husband left and went shopping.

    07 - Edith_The_Hutt - A Gentlepilot's guide to Colonia - "Gifts" and First Impressions

    The enormous distance from any agricultural worlds means there’s no wheat in Colonia; no fruit, no vegetables and most definitely no coffee. Five minutes wandering the marketplace of Jaques Station will shock most newcomers with the complete absence of goods which, in a few short years, we have come to regard as ubiquitous inside the bubble.

    While small-scale hydroponics and synthetic alternatives prevent prices from becoming ridiculous a cunning commander can take advantage of this shortage: A single canister of fruit, beer or even onionhead is usually enough to make “friends” quickly amongst the law enforcement community of the nebula.

    08 - JetsonRING - The grass always appears greener . . .

    Zeke shivered in anticipation of this meeting.
    He was being paid for the secrets he was stealing but, credits aside, every time he saw her he trembled, his skin tingled and he began to perspire imagining the carnal delights awaiting him within her arms and lips and legs.
    He for one was expecting a better deal from the Thargoids and looked forward to serving humanity's new, alien masters.

    For their part, the aliens were satisfied the new reconnaissance device was indistinguishable from a human female.
    It was collecting human DNA at a fantastic rate and cataloguing the new food source.

    09 - insanephoton - Meeting the new guy

    "Excuse me sir, but there are some irregularities with your cargo manifest"
    "Ok, how much is this going to cost me?"
    "Are you trying to bribe me? I must warn you that it's a federal offence to..."
    "Sheesh, you must be the new guy Sally warned me about. How long have you been here?"
    " Three days"
    "Riiight, so let me tell you how things work. If you're honest, just hit me with the fine, there aren't any other legal options. On the other hand what's the harm in looking the other way? Can you really manage just on government pay?"

    10 - Nat - "Leap of Faith"

    They were coming, the science outpost scanners flickered and bleeped “Unknown Ship Signature”

    “We must get out of here NOW!" ... "You should never have taken that Thargoid egg, that's how they found us” cried Bethan.

    They ran for her Conda.

    Reaching the airlock, Christoph looked her in the eye. “we need this, to have any chance of survival."

    "Leave it, shouted bethan, or we’ll never escape! Open the airlock! ... Now!"

    Christoph looked strangely calm. "No" he replied firmly, "the egg comes, or we all die together."

    There was a bone chilling groan from outside the outpost and the lights flickered ...

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    Thanks Frank o7

    So I'm correct in thinking that to get the 50% Anaconda discount we just need to vote for our favourite 3 drabbles and click on the vote now button?

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    To get yer 50% Anaconda discount you have to vote for the correct your favourite 3 Drabbles <nudge nudge wink wink, you know, isn't it obvious, it's mine, pick my Drabble>

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    Calling any potential voters out there, as things currently stand we are at a 4 way tie. Your vote could help us avoid a slightly awkward situation. Vote for Nat, you know it makes sense.

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    Congrats Nat. A fine entry and well deserved win

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    Well done Nats! Looking forward to the new topic

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    Wow! Thanks everyone! Must get my thinking hat on for the new topic!!

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    Well done Nats. That was a great story.

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    Do I post the new topic here??

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    Originally Posted by Nat View Post (Source)
    Do I post the new topic here??
    Either here or on the main drabble thread, yes

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    Hopefully this has not been used before, but i'd like to suggest "loss" as the subject for the next Drabble!

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    The thread has been going for so long now there's bound to be a little repetition. It gives the new Drabblers a crack at the old subjects anyway.

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    The thread has been going for so long now there's bound to be a little repetition. It gives the new Drabblers a crack at the old subjects anyway.
    I should really have a go at updating the great list of past drabble topics. I keep thinking about this daunting task, but a list so great needs quite a run up to get over.