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Thread: Zoo tycoon unavailable server

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    Zoo tycoon unavailable server

    Hi, since yesterday, I am not able to play Zoo Tycoon in coop online.

    I keep getting the error : "The zoo tycoon server is unavailable at this time, please try again later".

    Microsoft xbox support is telling me to contact Frontier via this specific forum. However, Hugo, from the Frontier Help Facebook Page is telling me that it is a Microsoft issue.

    Can anybody help or double check that is it not a Frontier server problem?

    Thank you very much,


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    Not that anybody care, but the game started working again.

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    Glad to see it is working again.

    (im till playing it as well )

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    I just bought it haha, had awesome time playing online with my friend

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    Dangerous Global Moderator
    Glad to see your issue is resolved, one observation though.

    It does seem a little strange for Microsoft support to be sending people here being that they took full responsibility for both Zoo Tycoon & Screamride ages ago. They even licensed the Cobra engine to allow them to do any necessary fixes in house.

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    i'm just laughing that it started working for you yesterday and that's when it stopped working for me