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Thread: Update 2.3.11

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    Originally Posted by vanhelsing View Post (Source)
    Post server load graphs or it never happened.

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    Just leave this here for the PC users whose upgrades fail - this is the fix:

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    OMG! BAIL BAIL BAIL! Servers are on! Flee the thread! GOGOGO!

    couldn't help to use my normal font color.... is there a "No color text" rule here?

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    XboxOne back on.

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    Originally Posted by DaveTheRave View Post (Source)
    Be honest Brett. Bet the patch has been ready for the past couple of hours and y'all have just been sitting with your feet up watching all the moaners complain! Seriously though. You're all doing a great job there. Keep it up. All the patches and down time is worth it. Thanks for the awesome game.
    As sweet as this idea sounds, unfortunately no, 'tis not true.

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    Stop talking everybody and go and play! I keep getting thread update emails

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    Time to switch to the Canonn thread then....

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    Originally Posted by gubi View Post (Source)
    Well said.
    I agree with rather !!!

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    Originally Posted by Psychotic_dwarf View Post (Source)
    I very rearley get them any more by doing a minor change via the ps4 settings.

    Primary DNS
    Secondary DNS

    this will dramaticly change how many times you get a server loss. I played for around 12 hours solid yesterday with only 1 loss to server. Hope this helps. Fly safe commander
    Apologies if others have already commented, but that sounds as though your ISP's DNS servers are not responding quickly enough (or those on the PSN, if that's where PlayStation traffic gets routed). Google's DNS farms are pretty fast to respond - I use them myself, instead of my ISP's.

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    Originally Posted by Myrm View Post (Source)
    Stop talking everybody and go and play! I keep getting thread update emails
    Before I turned mine off, I had 100+ in my inbox T~T

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    Originally Posted by Dominic Corner View Post (Source)
    Hi all,

    I don't know where you've got the idea that mission commodities are gone, but they aren't.

    All that has changed is we added MEFs to the micro resources given by missions and we removed 5 unused micro resources.

    Commodities remain unchanged.

    Why on earth, and in the Galaxy, do you want to not remove the commodities?
    They are nothing but a God Damn nuisance!

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    Oh well the game is updated.. still cant play though till support have fixed my account and restored my beautiful 41mil re-buy Imp cutter for free due to the imfamous Skimmer "death from above" glitch. oh well ticket is submitted its just the waiting game now.. QA really should "no offence to the team at Frontier btw", get the lead out on that issue

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    Originally Posted by jeanlun View Post (Source)
    So let's get back to a few facts ==> actually buyin horizon season pass is 30 bucks... so If I refer to internet information, it's around the cost of 2 cinema tickets. How long can you play and enjoy for this ??? Over the last 18 month I played around 1200 Hr meaning less than 0.025 $/h !!
    Your explanation is lacking, because you can't convert "fun" into dollars per hour. It does not make any sense.

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    Mission board causing crashes after new patch, RIP.