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    Operation Burn Elites


    This operation is carried out within the framework of the objectives defined by the Deus Ex Machina Initiative.

    It was agreed that to achieve its objectives, Deus Ex Machina Initiative should attack the puppets that are in the hands of the Shadow Cartel.

    Singularity Mouvement is already acting in this way to free Pr Palin from the house arrest that weighs on him and to free the Maia system from the federal presence.

    Protest against Wreaken aimed at public disclosure of the secret projects that lead Wreaken Construction & Mining is part of the operations that Deus Ex Machina Initiative supports, although Scarlet Ashcroft did not wish to formally join the initiative.

    Sirius Corporation is already under attack by Operation Sirius Business which is not a stakeholder in the Deus Ex Machina Initiative. However, we consider Operation Sirius Business to work in the same way as we do.

    Operation Burn Elites

    The Pilots Federation (PF) controls access to the stellar systems listed in the GalMap. It is this that allows our computers to define our roads and thus control public access to them. To do this, the Federation of Pilots needs technical access to our on-board computers, access granted by Sirius Corporation, most certainly through its subsidiaries Sirius Hyperspace, Sirius Drives and Sirius Industrial, and Sirius Finance is probably funding it. The latter is certainly working closely with the Bank of Zaonce. We are forced to put all this on the conditional since at the moment, and given the opacity that reigns on the subject, it is difficult to have indisputable proof of this montage. See organizational diagram for further informations
    Bank of Zaonce also intervenes with the PF by funding the Sidewinder with which all the pilots begin, and the 1000 cr that go with. It also intervenes in the insurance premiums of our vessels.
    Finally, it is the PF that assigns the Elite ranks to the pilots we are. It thus constitutes a repertory of all Elite pilots of the Galaxy.

    The PF, as we have just seen, therefore has a central place in our lives.
    Perhaps it is merely a puppet in the hands of the Shadow Cartel, perhaps it is an active member of this cartel. We don't know.

    Just because the PF controls access to currently permit locked systems in Col 70 Sector or HIP 22460, to name a few, we are pushing the organization into the list of our targets.
    But considering the central place that the organization occupies in our lives, it now becomes clear to everyone that we must turn our attacks towards it.


    Operation Burn Elites will therefore attack the Pilots Federation.
    Its main objective is to remove the Pilots Federation from the systems currently under its control in order to reduce its influence to the Shinrarta system alone.

    Once the Pilots Federation is locked at Shinrarta, you can call it a siege, we will keep it there until the following claims are met:

    - Cancellation of the permit lock of Col 70 Sector, Barnard's Loop, Regor Sector, HIP 22460.

    - Cancellation of Pr Palin's house arrest and withdrawal of the Federal AND Imperial troops from Maia. The interference of the superpowers in the Maia system must cease.

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    Good luck. A very ambitious plan, I suggest you preclude it with some of the easy stuff, such as telling the waves to stop rolling, the wind to stop blowing, the sun to stop shining, and last but not least, make hell freeze over.
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    A warm welcome for this operation.
    Glad to see a new one joinned the Deus Ex Machina Initiative !
    The more there is, the better (not sure about my spelling, here ^^).

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    Maia belongs to The Federation.
    Skipper, should I pick the yellow bananas or the red bananas, because the yellow bananas are green?

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    Originally Posted by GilliganTX View Post (Source)
    Maia belongs to The Federation.
    They do not own it. Still anarchy.

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    Originally Posted by Crash1099 View Post (Source)
    They do not own it. Still anarchy.
    Not YET.