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Thread: Destroyed by NPC.

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    Destroyed by NPC.

    Was heading back to base with cargo from mining I was interdicted by NPC, who demanded cargo, I submitted and handed over what he wanted. I then docked at station and sold all my commodities. I stocked up with limpets and started out again to the asteroid belt, on my way out the same NPC interdicted me again and demanded 3t of cargo of which I didn't have I submitted and gave him 3t of limpets, but he destroyed me, in my T7 with about 1.4mil rebuy.....!

    I think this is a bug and shouldn't have happened... Very frustrating..... for a grinding miner....

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    give a pirate an inch and he may decide he actually wants a mile
    and some pirates ask for cargo but really just wanna test there guns and watch you burn
    always try to beat intradiction right up to the last few bars before submitting as some are very easy to beat so knowing when to run can save you a lot of hasstle