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Thread: PC restarting issue

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    If you think it is the motherboard, try loosening the motherboard securing screws and just nipping them up. People have the tendency to overtighten them when the board should have some movement (not loose, but to allow for thermal expansion). If this works it is only temporary as the broken track or dry joint is still there.

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    I'd also remove the motherboard from the case and place it on cardboard. Power it up with minimal stuff attached and see if the cycling is still there. Something could be shorting the board to the case.

    Been known to happen.

    On the new server front: With Hyper threaded Core i3- 4130 dual core 3.4GHz CPU, 24gb of ram, dual nics, and a 500gb SSD up and running CentOS 7

    DRAWING 27.3 Watts - 90% reduction in power consumption compared to the unit it's replacing, with better performance.

    Similar results with a second server running a quad core HT Xeon E3-1245 v5 3.5GHZ CPU with 64GB of ram and 2 SSD's in RAID1 and 2 2TB spinners in RAID0. The power savings will pay for these boxes over their lifetime - likely well before EOL. Power readings on this one are in the low 30's Watts.

    Just love it - can't even hear it running.

    Cooler, quieter, and better performance. What's not to like?
    Not complaining, just an observation.

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    Originally Posted by GJ51 View Post (Source)
    DRAWING 27.3 Watts
    Very nice!

    Just one of my 10GbE cards alone draws 8.5W
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    I had something like this a while back.

    Go into BIOS and see if you have auto-start and auto-shut down selected.

    It can also be backup software turning your machine on to run a backup. Acronis does this on my machine on the weekends to back up my HD.
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