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Thread: Kill Reports?

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    Kill Reports?

    Hello Everyone,

    Is it possible to see kill reports on the ships you've lost? I was hauling Tea for the community event and someone interdicted me and killed my Type 6 Transport in less than 30 seconds. I'm just wondering if this was a player or NPC and what ship they were using.


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    As far as I'm aware there's not a kill report as such, though it sounds like a good idea.

    Hasn't happened to me for a while (I lead a pastoral life) but it's possible the message might say 'ship destroyed by Cmdr X' and if it's a player, that person will show in your contacts history (in the comms panel) so you might be able to ask.

    Failing that, there 'might' be info in the Commander Log (API) files .. would ask around in this area of the forum ...

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    It might well be possible in the journal and log files the game produces but I am not sure which one or where.

    In the message before you get to the rebuy screen it does say who did it, if it was a player the name will have started with Cmdr.

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    Well the journal entries include the npc names of those who interdict you. During the last beta I had an adder or summat griefed by a commander, the journal showed it was a commander and gave the name.

    I use EDDiscovery to view journal entries, it is a really good application, not just for exploration. -

    EDIT: - Something weird - I just went to view my journal entry for that death in the beta and it shows no name in it. I know that it did before because I took a screenshot of it, looked-up the player and sent him a PM about it. Now the line is blank. Weird.

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    if you check on your left panel in Commander history, the one who killed you has exactly that stated right under his name.
    That is, if you haven't cleared the history...
    About the ship there is no info AFAIK