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Thread: Rebuys so far

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    Almost got blown to pieces when I wedged my Python in the mail slot today ... managed to get out right before I ran outta time. Not used to piloting something with that big of a rear end.

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    I don't have a picture cause I'm on xbox one but I've squashed a hauler in my beluga while entering the docking slot. I've faceplanted a planet because I boosted into it like a moron. I've tried to single handedly take down a capital ship. I've done almost every stupid thing that can possibly be done in this game. Last time I checked my total claims cost was around 200 million. I would have to check again to see if it's gotten any worse I thank it has because I've suffered a couple rebuys in the past few months. So if anyone here is feeling stupid well that's just too bad for you because I hereby claim the Darwin award for myself. Noone on the ps4 can have it is mine.

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    If one wants to do the math, doing rebuys is part of the game. And part of the cost of doing bussiness.
    One wants to because of the reward, wants to haul an illegal passenger, which if scanned can get you killed, thus a rebuy, but if one learns how to sneak by without getting scanned then the reward is great. Get a winder, practice till you can get it right ten out of ten times. Getting into the station fast. I won't elaborate, there's a large number of instuctions in this fourm explaing how. Yes, you will loose some winders in the process, they are cheap. Once learned, you can do it in your major ship. Even if you get caught every second attempt, because you've just made a million on each you have two million to spend on rebuy, Though you've lost time, you really haven't loss much money, money can be replaced, not the time, if time is more important, then don't play ED. If you make it a half dozen times you now have 6 million plus. Thinking as a bussiness person, one pays for packaging even though they through it away, one makes it up in volume.

    I've lost a dozen winders learning how to circumnavigate a stations outside NPC's scans as well as the station scans. My average success rate is now 8 out of 9. My rebuy on my phthon is 5 million, on my dolphin only two, when choosing an illegal passenger, I'll switch to my dolphin, thus saving 4 milliion if I get caught. My learning curve has cost me dearly, but it's only money and I only lost about a third of my gross, I've spent a third on ships and mods, which leaves me with a third net worth. Any succesful bussiness would kill to make a 33 percent net.
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