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Thread: Salvage Mission Objectives Not Spawning

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    Salvage Mission Objectives Not Spawning


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    Zaraluvul 4


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    I've been running salvage missions now none of the blue mission objectives are spawning on any of my other missions.

    usually when you first jump into a system if you do an advanced discovery scanner you get an incoming message telling you planet the salvage can be found at and when you goto that planet once you get close the blue mission objective point pops and you drops from supercruise and can scoop the mats.

    Now the incoming messages are not appearing after scan and neither are the mission objectives if you just goto the planet.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1. get salvage mission
    2. goto system
    3. scan
    5. no mission objectives appear
    6. normally they pop within 5 minutes of orbiting the planet or moon i've circled a few different planets for an hour and nothing is appearing.

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    Hey oflow,

    What about when you scan the nav beacon?

    If you could provide a video of this including the mission details that would be much appreciated.