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Thread: Meanwhile, on Merope 5C...

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    Meanwhile, on Merope 5C...

    I found a tip that I could find "barnacles" on Merope 5C. I also read that these are the source of meta alloys, so off I went.

    And off I go, back into the black. Merope 5C is just a lifeless rock. Picked clean. Gotta look elsewhere.

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    Or check this thread with the associated spreadsheet. No idea whether that's the same, the code at least is different.

    Merope 5c
    has one Barnacle, which is dead ATM (wrong cycle) should have at least one ripe Barnacle. My usual source is Pleiades Sector JC-U B3-2 2, with several Barnacles.

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    There's a station called danielles something in the nearby Maia system. This place have what you need.
    Sometimes they're out of stock a short while. Try switching to solo if this happens.

    Did this myself a week ago.