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Thread: Changes to Ram Tah Mission Bonus Rewards

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    Originally Posted by manos70131 View Post (Source)
    I think that there is a sense of injustice to the players that are going to take up the mission from now on. The mission rewards are meant to be a "compensation" for the effort to finish the mission. The time of the people that already finished the mission is not more valuable than the time of those that are going to take it up from now on. And this mission needs a huge amount of time, even if someone uses all the great help of the community. Now if we say that we cannot have missions with so high compensation, we should reduce the effort needed to complete it as well. Having to investigate dozens of ancient sites, hundreds of pillars and using in average 5-10 (more some times) combinations, it's a huge effort. Reduce the reward to 1/10 but also reduce to 1/4 or even lower the effort to get the reward.

    One could argue that if you reduce the amount of effort, you reduce even more the reward of the mission. Less obelisks mean less revenue. That can be balanced by leaving the content in the game, without any addition bonus for the discovery, after the mission ends. This way the mission is more flexible. New obelisks can be discovered at a later stage. As the mission is right now, it's like Professor Palin already knows what to search for and in the end he concludes that you found them all. What if there are more to discover and new ways are introduced to give hints that they are there?

    And a final question: I have completed the mission some time ago. Why does Professor Palin assign it again to me (with the smaller reward)? Is that a bug?
    I'm sure this will be an unpopular post, but hey-ho.

    Apparently a lot of people need some perspective.

    When the mission first came out, it was stated that the reward was 1 MCr per piece of data discovered and a 100MCr bonus for anyone who was able to discover every piece of data. The bonus was so high because it was supposed to be exceedingly difficult and not many people would be able to do it.

    This was indeed the case. Getting the bonus was ludicrously difficult.

    When it came out we only knew about one site. It wasn't even known if there were others.

    A lot of effort went into trying to solve it at the first site, something which we now know is impossible. Lots of effort also went in to finding new sites, but ultimately they were only found because of Galnet posts which gave system names, followed by a lot of hard work manually doing full planet-by-planet searches of entire systems.

    Even when enough sites were found, working out the all the obelisk and artefact combinations took a lot of effort from a lot of players.

    So if you are using the guides and think the mission is hard, consider how hard it was when it first came out. If anyone thinks 5-10 hours is a lot of work to do a run of the mission, then bear in mind that that is a tiny amount of time in comparison to that put in by everyone who was involved in actually figuring it out.

    The point is the actual hard work has been done. The guides are available, thanks to a huge amount of work that people have done. It is no longer exceedingly difficult to get all the data, and it is no longer the case that virtually no one will be able to do it. Now effectively pretty much anyone can do it. The terms of the bonus no longer apply.

    Also, it was always fairly obvious that this was going to be a fairly temporary mission. Once Ram Tah has got all the data, why would he keep paying full amounts for the same data? In fact, why would he even keep paying for the data at all? (Ok, and before anyone says anything, I do know the potential lore-based explanation, but it's not completely confirmed, and could be a spoiler.)

    The nerf was inevitable.

    Had it all actually been working correctly it would probably have been nerfed a good while back.

    Having said all that...

    It has only been possible to complete in solo since the 2.3.10. A lot of people (including many who put in a lot of work in the early days of the mission) have waited to do the mission until it was possible to do it legitimately. Those people have effectively been penalised, and penalising players for wanting to do something legitimately is pretty bad form.

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    The mission has a 2/3 week window in which to be completed. I finished with a week and 4 days left, so I started it after the tweak I think. To be honest I don't keep up too much with the internal updates so not sure when the mission payout was changed, but I definitely started it after the last update.
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    Could you at least make so anyone who completes this mission for the first time get the full bonus and after that you get the diminished bonus reward.
    Sorry if I necroed this thread.

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    It was a lot of work for little pay even when the payout was 100 million. A player can make 100 million in a day with a decent size ship.

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    Originally Posted by JetsonRING View Post (Source)
    It was a lot of work for little pay even when the payout was 100 million. A player can make 100 million in a day with a decent size ship.
    What he said, plus it was a good getaway from the other grindings to get credits. Before nerfing this why not improve exploration, focus on higher paying missions and fixing problems? I am trying to get money for my next ship, but I am sick of BH on CGs, exploration sucks in current state and passenger missions too. Time to take a break from ED.

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    This could've gone better honestly.

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