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Thread: PS4 Hotfix (25/07/17)

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    Originally Posted by Skufflz View Post (Source)
    Are we going to be getting a fix for issues soon?

    Repetitive random crashes are really making me lose interest. I've tried reinstalling the game and whatever else I can think of... This is ridiculous. It's been like this since the "Hotfix."
    Yeh the weekend seemed pretty bad for server issues, might be down to the fact PC beta 2.4 launched.

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    Originally Posted by Edward Lewis View Post (Source)
    Greetings PS4 Commanders,

    At 10am BST today we made a quick hotfix live that addressed the following problems:

    - Fixed various game crashing issues.
    - Fixed an issue where the Horizons Season Pass could not be shared by a Primary PlayStation 4 account.
    - Added a speculative disconnections/connectivity fix

    This shouldn't affect any other platforms. Thanks!

    Still crashing on PS4 pro!

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    Fix the bloody docking computer!!

    I just returned from a passenger trip, 3 passengers, docking computer on the orca, gets me inside the space station desides to play pinball with my 60 million credit orca as the ball -.-

    Im pretty peeved at the moment. I can forgive the game when I lose 6 hours of work when its MY fault but when the game mechanics decide to go up the wall and I lose 2 hours and 90k in repair credits, plus a lost passenger, plus the reputation and influence lost in the game that I have to probably spend double the original time to get it back - it really gets up my back.

    Sort it out please (I want to use stronger language but I dont want to lose my account - believe me, please is the LAST word I want to say right now.

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    We need a hotfix to fix the game crashing on ps4 when flying.

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