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Thread: Shaming of banned/suspended forum users?

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    Shaming of banned/suspended forum users?

    I understand that it is sometimes necessary to suspend or ban a user, no question. And moderation appears to work, since I rarely see user posts from guys that have been hit with the ban hammer. However, when I do, there is the following caption under the user name:

    "This user was unable to follow the forum rules and ended up banned or suspended! "

    Isn't this violating the no naming and shaming policy, at least to a degree? I feel that a simple "suspended" or "banned" would be sufficient. Just my 2 cents.

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    I agree. Why even put any notice on their posts at all?

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    The no naming and shaming rule refers to in-game stuff like accusations of clogging or griefing, but not what people say in the forum.

    For example I've started a thread about blocking station griefers recently, and have scrupulously avoided naming and shaming them even when the griefers post in the thread (PM's are a different matter). However if someone uploads a video of themselves station ramming or admits doing it then I can openly call them a griefer with no fear of breaching the rule, as they are the ones who named themselves.

    Basically you can't call someone out for things they do in-game (to prevent witch hunts and false accusations), but if you choose to type something daft/offensive/incriminating it's your own problem.

    I think the notice is to warn people to behave, by showing examples of how not to forum and to stop pages of angry replies being posted to a one line troll.

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    As one who has been in the "twilight zone" I find it funny with that maker, not ashamed at all.