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Thread: Buckyball Racing Club Presents: Prison Brake (07.08.3303 - 13.08.3303)

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    And another spectator video, this time of Cmdr drakhyr arriving (sorry, it's not great and I didn't follow the ship in to land because I started to suspect it might be an npc).

    Managed a 16:12 this morning with an obscured jump from Barcelo to Slink's Eye which cost me around 50secs using SC to clear it so I'm counting that as a 15:22 in my head. Rumour has it that clear jumps cycle around once every couple of hours so I'll be trying again later hopefully.

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    Originally Posted by Bruski View Post (Source)
    Sadly, I forgot to turn off my face and HOTAS recording, but CMDR Perseus Tacitus gives us some idea of how fast the couriers flying around are.

    Skip to 1:00 for launch, and don't blink!
    Did a barrel roll for style points, then realized I probably should have locked the destination system before launch...
    Oh well,

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    Originally Posted by Bruski View Post (Source)
    Double Launch video coming here:

    Skip to 2:55 for launch, will edit later.
    Add any piece of Battlestar Galactica (remake) action soundtrack to this and it's perfect.

    I'm back from my Saturday adventures on the surface of a lovely ELW (procedural gen and drawing distance set to max, SMAA 8x)

    Wrapping up the several submissions from yesterday, update coming soon.
    13 hours before deadline, last chances to give your best pilots!

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    Originally Posted by AkenBosch View Post (Source)
    13 hours before deadline, last chances to give your best pilots!
    aarrghhhh!! I managed to get my scouting run and a fairly lack lustre first attempt completed last night. If i can manage a half decent approach to Mitterand i should be able to slip comfortably into mid table

    a lovely little course Aken, thank you.

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    Originally Posted by AkenBosch View Post (Source)
    13 hours before deadline, last chances to give your best pilots!
    Best I don't know about but here's some of my heaviest!

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    Last leaderboards update of the race before tonight's (or afternoon, morning, whenever, just look out your windows and see if there's still light) deadline. I'd like to remind any late participant that 13th August 23:59:59 server time is the last moment available to start a run.

    Let's take a look at all the action that went on in the last hours:

    In the Eagle Regular class, cmdr Stern Winter continues to be the undisputed leader of the race, with cmdr Bruski managing to narrow the gap by 14 seconds with an improved run in his Sparkling Cinder, but still 12 seconds away from posing a danger to the Burning Penguin. In the meantime cmdr Drakhyr bested his previous run in the Stop That Pigeon by a wide 32 seconds margin, resulting in him and cmdr Polly currently sharing the exact same time of 19:40.
    The board also sees three new entries, all queing up behind cmdr Loulou230 in an orderly fashion: starting from the bottom we meet newbie (to our races, at least) cmdr Kietrax and his insanely fancy looking The Flaming Freagle with the final time of 27:06 (it's understandable that you didn't see how people could do this in sub-20 minutes. People this fast are usually hard to see anyway ). Up a notch in the rankings but overall 4 minutes faster we find cmdr Tannik Seldon and his Wee Mad Arthur, doing a full round-trip to Kelleam Ring in 23:07; the pilot subsequently reported his run as going "very badly", but all of us at Race Direction (all one of us, precisely) agree that being that a run started from Kelleam and ended at the same place, it didn't go nearly as bad as it could. Keep your spirit up cmdr, and keep your glass full of spirits at The Tipsy Damsel!
    Finally, placing in 6th position between Loulou320 and Tannik we welcome another new entry of the race, cmdr Jintosh in his Eagle Slip Shod, completing his first submitted run with a respectable time of 22:22.

    The Open Unlimited class saw a bit more action, with an improved time (and boy, what an improvement!) and five new pilots submitting their runs. Starting from the bottom we have cmdr jumpingclear, bringing his jack-of-all-races Hauler JOE on a complete tour of the three penal colonies in a very good 19:02. Just above him on the leaderboard, cmdr Perseus Tacitus takes 10 seconds less to complete his run in the Courier Velox Vindex, thus claiming the 10th place. Another step above to 9th place it's cmdr Raiko's turn, deploying his venerable Buckyball runner Asp The Nomad around the dangerous racing course and bringing home a solid time of 18:30 after a breathtaking run. The ship endured minor structural damage, but we all know the Asp X is an adventurer's ship and a though nut to crack.
    Continuing with the new entries we salute cmdr Azzie Elbub and his yellow Keelback Rubber Duck, securing a mid-table 7th position with a time of 17:56, something worth taking note of when made in a Keelback, a ship widely known for not being exactly a natural born racer. Good work with that, cmdr! We also ought to commend cmdr Azzie for being a good samaritan in addition to a capable racing pilot, having responded to a distress call during one of his tentative runs and this way managing to rescue five stranded escape pods, only survivors of a shipwreck. The five occupants turned up to be high-profile foreign dignitaries on a rather important business trip, and cmdr Azzie reported of them as being "not overly enthusiastic" at first of being delivered to a backwater starport like Kelleam Ring. It appears like giving them the concession of taking advantage of the Buckyball's open bar tab at the "Damsel" has settled down most of their concerns though. Good work with that also, cmdr!
    Above him and in 6th position we find another surprising ship, non other than a Python going by the name of Pythia, managing a stunning 17:50 thanks to cmdr crotalus' skillfull piloting. Now, just sitting above cmdr crotalus we should find cmdr Samwell Drakhyr and his familiar Back Of Beyond, but instead he saw fit to show what the good ol' Cobra Mk III can truly be capable of and aimed straight for the top, claiming the preliminary first position in the class by just one second over cmdr Jak's already brilliant performance!
    Will we see any more fights for the podium positions before the nearing end of the race, or will the Gods of orbital mechanics conspire against?

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    1 second? 1 SECOND!?


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    Well, I just had the window of opportunity I've been praying for (with no obscured jumps) and managed 5 runs before it closed again (at approx. 18:55 UK time). The best run I had was 16:10. So 15:54 remains my fastest time and I shall accept whatever final place that leaves me in, safe in the knowledge that I wasnt robbed of a better place by an obscured jump. It's been fun! Congrat's to the eventual winners whoever you may be.

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    It's a bit more last minute than I had initially planned, but let's do this

    CMDR Cookiehole
    Eagle Regular Momentum Conservation
    Imperial Courier Crater Creator

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    Nice to see you tonight CMDR cookiehole. How did you do?

    Managed another run, nothing spectacular. Enjoyment was had. All the best for those still out there

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    Open & Eagle runs submitted. only managed three successful runs, so pretty pleased with the results.

    caught glimpses of quite a few CMDRs out there, could be some changes afoot! I am fairly confident both of my efforts are mid-table, entirely reflective of my skill level. there was definitely a minute to be taken off each one; too fast for OC (boost you freagle, boost!) and faffing around trying to catch MH.

    bl00dy good fun, if extremely frustrating.

    many thanks to AkenB for hosting and all for competing. i look forward to the final board tomorrow.


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    Note to self for next race: establish eclipse timing at the beginning of the race. This should be doable with a day or two of observations. If only there were an app for that.

    It might require a good amount of math, but would be really interesting.

    Here were some notes I made last night. I think if one did this every hour for awhile you could build up a decent pattern. Astrolabe optional?

    Route Clearance Required Rotational Period
    Ehki > Slink 26km 45.1d
    Ehki > Atagat 2km 45.1d
    Atagat > Ekhi 300km -2.0d
    Atagat > Epsilon 0km -2.0d
    Elsipon > Atagat ALOT 0.1d
    Epsilon > Slink 200km 0.1d

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    I had a couple of last minute attempts tonight before the deadline, but didn't improve my time.

    During one run, I bounced off the pad on my first landing attempt at Bailey Penal Colony, turned around for a second attempt and nearly crashed into a fast moving cmdr cookiehole.

    This race was great fun, even if I'm too slow.

    I never managed to successfully enter orbital cruise at MH, I thought I was going to during my final attempt, as that damned moon was about to start running away when it dragged me into it's gravity field, so I thought "Yes! Perfect!.... NOOO!!!!" - 'Too fast for orbital cruise.'

    A great and crazy race Aken B. o7

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    Phew. 5 attempts with the Eagle and 3 with the Courier are done. 2 + 1 aborts due to faceplanting planets / stars, surprisingly no insurance claims and a lot of fun.
    I struggled a bit with staying focused but against all expectations it became better towards the end. There's still potential for shaving off at least a minute in the Eagle and probably something like 30s in Unlimited, but I guess I shouldn't be complaining when doing last minute runs
    Submissions Incoming.

    Originally Posted by Bruski View Post (Source)
    Note to self for next race: establish eclipse timing at the beginning of the race. This should be doable with a day or two of observations. If only there were an app for that.
    It might require a good amount of math, but would be really interesting.
    Here were some notes I made last night. I think if one did this every hour for awhile you could build up a decent pattern. Astrolabe optional?
    I had thought a bit about this aswell because obscured jump targets are such a major headache in so many races, but have been too lazy to actually think about it for real.
    After using the extra jumps on the Eagle runs to think about it, a few ugly sketches and playing around with Stellarium a bit I think I now have a rough idea on how to at least graphically solve the problem.
    Since both the coordinates of locations on planets aswell as the "heading" and "climbing angle" are in a spherical coordinate system and with the planetary characteristics like rotational period and axial tilt being accessible from the System Map, a single measurement of azimuth, altitude (angle) and time should be enough to be able to model the path of the star in the sky and with that the times of it being obscured. I'm not sure about the actual math though (seems a bit tricky), but there are a few possible simplifications and probably some similar stuff already on the internet. I'll try to figure out more about that tomorrow / later today, I think it should not be too difficult to put together a spreadsheet or program

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