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Thread: Newsletter #186

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    Thanks for the newsletter. Looking forward to, heaps and heaps...and stuff, like..... you know?

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    Thanks for posting the newsletter on the forum. cheers!
    LDA #&2A

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    Always a pleasure to receive the newsletter

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    Little concerned they gave a straight date instead of a range... Seems odd for FD.

    Originally Posted by Rojo Habe View Post (Source)
    Wot, no Pluto?

    Yes, I know it's not officially a planet any more, but still sad...
    There's actually several planetoids in Sol, I expect they will do a planetoid bobble-head pack in the future.

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    Originally Posted by Sweet&Dandy View Post (Source)
    Curious how a beta about Thargoids with no Thargoids in it is going to be tested? I'm guessing we will be focusing on building weapons instead of using them?
    I asked myself the same question. No beta tests for the Thargoids ? Frontier answers to the question in the newsletter :

    "Although you won’t see them in the beta, from day one after 2.4’s final release the Thargoids will make their return. We can’t wait to see your interactions with the most mysterious and terrifying things you'll have seen in the Elite Dangerous galaxy to date. "

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    Is the beta PC only?

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    Isn't it a bit unlikely that the Alliance would announce this week their participation in Aegis, given they are under sustained terrorist attack by the Federation in Ross 128? Isn't it a bit unlikely that the Federation would announce this week their participation in Aegis, considering their loss of a ranked permit system?

    The written lore increasingly diverges from the player generated universe, whether in BGS or PowerPlay. That is really unfortunate, as it means this is not a player driven galaxy at all.

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    Thanks for the newsletter, Jenner!

    Wow, lots of juicy content. Eagerly waiting for the end of August. Love the co-pawlets special.

    Have a good weekend, everyone! o7

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    Originally Posted by Sweet&Dandy View Post (Source)
    Curious how a beta about Thargoids with no Thargoids in it is going to be tested? I'm guessing we will be focusing on building weapons instead of using them?
    Simple: The beta is not about Thargoids but about bug fixes, QOL improvements and new features (hull repair limpets, salvage contacts, etc.). It's also very unlikely that we'll see special weapons in 2.4 since this update will introduce Thargoids. People will have to find ways to defeat them before they can engineer some special weapons. There will be community goals, scientists, alliances between super powers, etc. before you get anti Thargoid weapons.

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    Great news!

    What's even better: with the beta start at the 17th and an estimated beta duration of about three weeks, 2.4 will go live exactly when I return from my holiday trip.
    No time to bite my nails in anticipation, as there will be enough to see and experience in the real world. No whishes the time would pass faster.
    And when the vacation is over (and the temperature is back to bearable levels, I guess), its time to jump into the virtual reality again and meet the aliens.


    The only drawback is, that I won't be able to help hunting (different) bugs in the beta.
    Be vigilant, my fellow commanders. It's solely up to you, now.
    I'll enjoy my drink with a little umbrella in the meantime ...
    ◄ Furthermore, I consider that 1st class cabins should be limited to dedicated passenger ships and Carthage must be destroyed. ►

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    JOINT SUPERPOWER INITIATIVE ANNOUNCED thats not good last time they did that they did all kinds of shady

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    Hello :
    I sure enjoyed receiving the newsletter in my e-mail every week ( on Friday ) But have not received one for 2 weeks ... 185 and 186

    are you/they not going to do that anymore ???

    Thanks for your Help


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    Check on the Frontier store, in your account profile. Sometimes the selection to receive newsletters gets lost. If it is unchecked, just select it again.
    (Credit for the image goes to Moozipan)
    Commander Reighdar One man. One ship. One galaxy.

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    Originally Posted by Picsnapper View Post (Source)
    Is the beta PC only?
    The Betas are always PC only.

    I believe the certification hoops required to jump through to bring it to the consoles is too involved and time consuming to be worth it to FDEV.

    There are more than enough PC players to accomplish their testing requirements before the release.

    This has nothing to do with playing favorites. Its just easier to coordinate and update on the PC platform during the limited beta test window.

    The game was born on PC, and the less constrained aspects of posting multiple patch updates over a short period of time is obviously a major advantage here.

    If you are going to be playing ED for the long term, it makes sense to consider building a gaming PC for playing it. Many of the PC version players originally started on the XB1.

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    Duval Systems Command
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    Can I submit my music for next newsletters?
    I wrote an album inspired by Elite Dangerous. At the moment, I published it in the CCN community Discord server.

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