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Thread: Reset menu positions

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    Reset menu positions

    I am working on the 2nd panel for my simpit/bridge and have come across an issue with the planned functions. This panel is supposed to have switches that when toggled will set the modules abort a ship to active or inactive (depending on the switch state, up or down.) To do this I was planning on using macro to navigate to the appropriate menu, then down to the module and toggle the space key twice before returning the menu to it's starting state. If I don't use the menu for anything else this shouldn't be an issue as I can create a dynamic macro that is built during the game load state based on the ship I am using and the modules installed.
    The problem is that if I use the menu for anything else and forget to set it back to the rest state, the switch macros will no longer work properly.

    I haven't found an algorithm or method for setting menus back to a default state, is there a way to do this? Or would it be better to alter the plans on this panel to have more control over Menu 4 so that I am less likely to access it manually?

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    Have you made any progress with setting the menus back to their default state?

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    The only thing you have to do is track key inputs so you know which tab is currently active.
    Making sure to limit the tracking for when the game is the active window, and the respective panel is active/open.
    To reset the module list back to the top simply keep your button for navigating up through the list pressed and it will stop at the top or it's rest state.

    It's clunky but it works, would love a Reset to top/rest state though

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    Thanks for this - it is my approach. Heartily agree with your last statement.