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Thread: Multi-crew is so broken it's unusable!

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    I was going to say the same thing, MC = Friends you can trust, for random strangers I think that there should be a rule that you cant have someone on crew that is a lower combat status than the ships captain. Whilst it won't filter out dedicated griefers it would filter out the inexperienced. Also I'm amazed that unlike other aspects of the game there is no training missions for multicrew so that new players can get their keybindings right.

    All in all 2.3 is the worst update in ED's history. Every patch makes the game worse not better.

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    Originally Posted by Punished Mobius View Post (Source)
    It's almost as if you...took the words straight out of my mouth
    Funny you should say that CMDR... In the words of the late Paul Walker "Dude, I almost had you"

    Originally Posted by ROSS-128 View Post (Source)

    1: Ships that are actually designed to function with turrets, and are designed to require a bit too much multi-tasking for a single person to fly well. In other words, ships that aren't fighters (setting aside the amusing fact that a "fighter" in ED can be up to 167m long).
    A ship that was operated like the Magazord on Power Rangers would be cool, one that needs two or more pilots to work properly.

    Originally Posted by ROSS-128 View Post (Source)

    4: A scale of ships that can carry smaller, independent ships. In other words, a ship with small landing pads. Even medium if it's big enough. This can allow a group of friends to stick together by using a mothership as a mobile rally point.
    We should already have this, the Lore even says that the Anaconda and Corvette should be able to launch at least one (maybe 2) Sidewinder sized ships?

    How cool would it be to be able to act as a guardian to a new player in a Sidewinder, launched from your Corvette! It would be like the ultimate "Welcome to Elite, this is what you can achieve if you stick around" type of introduction. Alternatively it would be awesome to have a 'proper' wingman with some combat experience launched from your ship.

    Originally Posted by lokvette View Post (Source)
    I did enjoy the OP as it was a fun read.
    Glad you enjoyed it, turned out to be a fun experience to share even if it didn't go as planned! (but then when does any battle 'go to plan'?)

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    The main problem is the complete lack of consequences.

    You can hop in someone's fighter ship, and screw them over, and the absolute worst that happens to you is the session ends. No bounty, no monetary penalty, as you can just decline all the "rewards" whenever you like.

    The helm needs a way to flag a fighter, so that they can't just rack up as much bounty as they can shoot, and then bail scot-free.

    • Helm "good", MC "good": No problem. Maybe the fighter or helm dinks something, but the helm deals, and the fighter can pay off the fine or decline. Helm probably won't lock the fighter in they they screw up, and those screwups are generally minimal anyway.
    • Helm "good", MC griefer: If the MC racks up bounties, the payout is delayed a while. If the helm opts in, they can lock the MC crew in to having to pay their bounties as legacy fines, as helm bounty will be less than MC griefing.
    • Helm griefer, MC "good": The MC will rack up minimal fines, and if they rack up less than helm, the lock-in does not function for helm, so the MC can dodge fines.
    • Helm griefer, MC griefer: Who cares?

    Perhaps the helm can require MC to put some money into escrow to join? Then, if the MC racks up bounties, helm can keep the entire escrow, or pay ALL the fines for both helm/MC from the escrow, and only return partial? Less fun griefing, if you have to pay for it. More fun in helm, if the griefer pays all the fines.

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    Had this happen a couple times but most of my experiences have been ok. Crewing up with an untested rando in a pvp fight is probably sort of risky...

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    Originally Posted by Cervantes01 View Post (Source)
    I was going to say the same thing, MC = Friends you can trust, for random strangers I think that there should be a rule that you cant have someone on crew that is a lower combat status than the ships captain. Whilst it won't filter out dedicated griefers it would filter out the inexperienced. Also I'm amazed that unlike other aspects of the game there is no training missions for multicrew so that new players can get their keybindings right.

    All in all 2.3 is the worst update in ED's history. Every patch makes the game worse not better.
    Summed up perfectly. Opening up your ship to someone you don't know is suicidal, but FD thought it was an excellent idea. And that's FD, clueless as ever, making MC a pointless feature that's up there with Engineers. Oh well.

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    All of these things were suggested - and most of them ignored as usual.

    Just imagine this :

    Prior to and at anytime in any MultiCrew capable Ship, the helm could :
    - man all MC positions with the NPC Crew flying the Mothership (important for the initial Controls Setup and getting to know i.e. all Targeting and Turret limitations, you know getting the hang of things before joining another live MC Ship)
    (no MC bonuses in terms of Pips or Credits, purely intended for MC practice)

    - set WCS (Weapon Control State) of SLF
    - set WCS (Weapon Control State) of Turrets

    - WCS Free : both roles fully enabled. Primary use : Friends and Local Area contacts you know and trust

    - WCS Tight : selected Weapon Platforms (Turrets/SLF) enabled but restricted to Assigned ("Tagged") Targets only. You're the Commander at the Helm, you decide which Targets are marked Hostile and are "Cleared to Engage".
    (right of self-defense and extended self-defense remains unaffected, if anyone attacks the Mothership or SLF first)

    - WCS Hold : all Weapons of your choice (Turrets/SLF) disabled.
    -> Recommended Default position (Weapons SAFE) when operating with strangers, can also be used to instantly stop anyone running against your interest right in its tracks before too much harm is done

    - Helm-Defined kick thresholds... You get to define how far you'll let other CMDRs make honest mistakes or cause problems before they get kicked straight off your Ship.
    -> you operating in some random System? You might permit a few mistakes. You operating in a CG location or inside your Home System? ... probably want to set things up far tighter i.e. prevent any Bounty could ever be gained.

    - Helm-Assigned Utilities... If you think the Turret Crew Member is to have control over Heat Sinks or Cell Banks, then assign Control of them to that position. If you choose to retain control, then they'll remain under your sole control.

    - Helm retains full control over Hardpoints at anytime (no more Turret Gunner re-deploying Hardpoints intentionally or unintentionally)

    - Helm-Assigned slots for others to join.
    -> i.e. seek only a single Crew position dedicated for the SLF only and intend to use Turrets yourself as Helm in a 2 MC capable Ship

    - Panic button... Single-Click disband Hotkeys for both Turret and SLF. The big red button, insta-kicking any Crew Member. Quickly get rid of "bad apples" or just folks with legit but unfortunately severe connection issues.

    How's that?
    Only took mere seconds of thinking and a little bit common sense.

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    To me there are a few broken things. First, it'a bugged as heck and you get disconnected way too after. Also there are UI problems all of the time where part of the gunner UI will not appear. Finally, WHY IS THERE NO SRV in multicrew ??? That is the ultimate no brainer that should have been included. All in all it's just a copy past of a bunch of already existing features at this point. Hope they fix it.

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    My impression of multi-crew is that it's a lot like seeing a bloke drinking vodka out of a bottle in a brown paper bag outside the off licence, chucking him your car keys and asking him to drive you home. One the one hand he's definitely going to make a mess of it and may well kill you both. On the other, as you contemplate life from your new perspective (upside down with a lamp post embedded in your thorax and the distant sound of sirens) you will have a few moments to reflect on the fact that it was your own stupidity that utimately caused the incident.

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    MC also needs to work with wings - up to a total of 4 CMDRs. 2 single CMDR ships and one ship with 2 crew for example.

    It is pretty worthless without that, much less the bugs.

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    What OP describes is a problem with players, not the Multi-Crew feature. It's unrealistic to blame crappy behavior on FD.

    If you can combine wings and MC there should be no extra pips involved.

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    Was the pickup Psycho one of the Corvette's wing mates? Don't suppose you had time to see if his wing count dropped to 3?

    It is a new tactic, for bored teasers... Fly round in one ship and then MC into someone that hasn't locked the doors and proceed to pour all the Chateau Lafite down the waste disposal, whilst cackling maniacally :/

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    For me ive had no problems with the randos that i multicrew with. Its the fact that the system is so dang unstable that i cant stay paired with any 1 person for more than half an hour, often less. This is one thing that really should be server side hosting.

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    Triggered by this thread i've just decied to click on this ominous 'multi crew' button and this is my experience:
    -I've clicked trough all this roles, most were unsucesfull. The first one to connect was an 'explorer'. We were going somewhere pretty far on the 'right side'. I think I was in this area before. Cmdr didn't respont to communication (neigther voice nor chat), nothing to do, so I left.
    -Second one to connect was in a 'tutor' role, apperently we hoped just in a CZ. Tried to operate the turrets... no way. Maybe I'm to dumb, but I wasn't able to do anything. But I managed to get a fighter. That was fun... for a few seconds. Someone destroyd the fighter and while waiting for a rebuild I was hit by a 'unable to connect to whatever server'... back to menu.
    -Third I got was 'bounty hunt'. That wasn't half way bad. The turret's were unsucsessfull as before. Voice chat didn't work as before. Managed to get a 'o7' trough the text chat (with a response!). But I finaly got the hang on this fighters. That's kind of fun. Seeing a 'vette from outside. Gunning down the red ones one after another. Running circles around these asteroids. Power managemend is crucial for these small things.
    For at least 15 minutes I was enjoing myself. After a while I was finaly shot down, and I was again hit by the 'unable to connect to blabla' thingy.

    My conclusion: Could be fun. Why can't I talk to the host? I have a mic, does he? The whole chat thing seems to be a bit clumsy. What's up with the 'gunner' thing, how does this work. And please fix the network issue.

    I guess I will try it again

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    And please give us NPC multi-crew!

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    Simple and easy solution for the OP

    Only allow crew from the people you know and trust

    Because I'd never invite some random into my python or anaconda*not knowing if he was
    A qualified to do it
    B could handle the ship/guns
    C A complete <redacted> <redacted> <redacted>


    *I would add corvette here too, but sadly thats parked in Jameson memorial due to me spending all the money on power plants FSDs and the like, and having none left to buy any guns

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