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Thread: Option to leave cargo on board ship when swapping ships

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    Personally I don't think cargo storage in a ship is a good idea. I'd like it, don't get me wrong, but would limit it to a single ship, you nominate your storage ship. But keeping track of all that cargo is probably a waste of compute resources and there's inevitably some exploit or other.

    But.....swapping ship's can be a pain. One option might be to allow the ship swap buy deny launch until the cargo I'd dealt with. This at least allows the poster that mentioned a DSS in a stored ship to able to retrieve that DSS and install it in the ship with the cargo. can't leave in that non cargo ship without first selling off the cargo.

    I also made a related suggestion in another thread before I was directed here;

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    One more reason for cargo storage: limpets. You can't swap ships if you have limpets onboard.

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    Originally Posted by StvAce View Post (Source)
    You hit on a good point when you refer to 'players on hiatus'. Frontier want people to play their game, and not to be away from it for long periods. That's why they have elements in gale which degrade over-time (reputation). This encourages the player to return and play. Knowing that docking and storage fees are mounting would be something to encourage a player to return to the gale, and not to stay away too long. This is good for Frontier, because when a player is actively engaged with the game they are more likely to purchase extras.

    There's nothing to say that rented storage facilities fees is taken automatically either. In fact, in light of what you have stated, it would probably be just as easy to invoice the commander at the end of a certain period. Either the Commander pays, or doesn't (failure to pay after several weeks or month will result in confiscation of any stored goods, and cancellation of the storage). Likewise, with ship storage fees - if the commander fails to pay an invoice, the ship is impounded until the fees are paid (and made available to the commander upon payment of any invoice and late-payment fees).
    I don't appreciate being blackmailed into playing any game. Rather than forcing people to play with some kind of inactivity penalty (i.e. you're paying but you're getting nothing in return, at least if you're online you still pay, but you're getting something for it, e.g. the privilege of docking at that particular port), some kind of activity carrot should be given instead such as a daily log in bonus... but that's a whole different issue.

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    It would be a great addition...SO people won't abuse storage limits they could apply the Cargo Storage IF you are affiliated with a POWER...And if u leave that same power u lose it or something like that...

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    Even just being able to leave your cargo at a station would be convenient. We already leave whole modules there, can they not hold my drinks for me too?

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    Or.....what about simply being able to outfit those ships that we are not in.

    We can always ring up our local kwikfit and tell them to add a new spoiler to our ford mondeo yet we can't add a cargo rack to our Fer de lance by telling it out of our ships canopy. the very least just let us fly to the station our ship is stored and then remote outfit.

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