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Thread: Exploring and Reputation

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    Exploring and Reputation


    Does selling cartographic data increase your reputation at all? (possibly with the controlling faction of the station?)

    All these unsurveyed systems around have made me think about doing some exploration as a change of pace, but I'm still trying to increase rep with the Empire.

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    It will increase your standing with the controlling faction.

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    It will increase your local rep - selling exploration data is an axcellent way to level up with some of the Engineers (Felicity and Elvira) and get chummy with local factions to get access to permit locked systems or better paying missions.
    It will not help with major faction rep which you need for increasing military ranks - only way to do that is to riun the corresponding faction's missions.

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    ^^^^^^^ As above ^^^^^^^

    Plus - By increasing your rep with the local faction, that improves the missions that they offer to you / that you qualify for - so that way those missions help you gain your major power rep.