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Thread: Anyone Want to Share Their Free Camera Controller Settings?

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    Anyone Want to Share Their Free Camera Controller Settings?

    Seems painful to set up with all the other existing binds?

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    I just set my controls to classic and then edit to suit. A lot of edits.
    I'll post them tomorrow if nobody else has by then

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    I customize the majority of my controls, so this may not work the best for you, but here it is:

    X+Y - camera suite
    X + up, left, and down - exterior camera presets (front, back, and bottom respectively)
    RS + right/left - cmdr views 1 and 2
    RS + up/down - cockpit front and back
    Hide UI - X+RS
    Free camera - LB+LT
    D-pad arrows - Controls movement (up/down/left/right respectively)
    RT/LT - Move forward/backwards
    RS up/down - Pitch
    RS left/right - Yaw
    LS left/right - Roll
    X+up/down - Zoom
    X+left/right - Blur controls
    RS+Lt/RT -speed controls
    RS+LT+RT - toggles between camera and ship controls
    X+LS - Zoom/blur toggle

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    thanks give me a general idea. Question: Is there a way to unbind the other binding when you are in free camera mode?

    For instance, when I'm in an SRV I often toggle to the galaxy map accidentally because it the same default keybinding used to engine boost.

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    My setup is mostly custom and I make it similar to how I control my ship (default bindings).

    From what I can remember:
    B+right: switch to camera suite (Ship and Fighter)
    Right stick click: enter free camera

    Left stick X-axis: Roll left/right
    Left stick Y-axis: Pitch up/down
    Right stick X-axis: pan left/right
    Right stick Y-axis: move up/down
    Right trigger: move forward
    Left trigger: move backward
    Right bumper: increase movement speed
    Left bumper: decrease movement speed
    Y+left/right bumper: change camera view
    Y+d-pad left/right: decrease/increase zoom/focus
    A: toggle zoom/focus
    X+d-pad right: ship controls
    X+left bumper: hide HUD
    X+right bumper: disable/enable stabilizer
    X+d-pad left: detach camera
    B+d-pad left/right: decrease/increase blur

    B+left bumper: enter camera suite (SRV) - this is due to the SRV bindings for toggle headlight/high beams on B+d-pad right