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Thread: Never First Discovered, But...

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    Originally Posted by Ralph Vargr View Post (Source)
    Quite seriously, I've been on for 13 hours or so, and I'm getting more than a little frustrated.

    There is no casual aspect to this game. You have to be time-rich, to play it.

    What scares me is that the time commitments, for the non-combat player, are going to drive new customers off.
    I went to VY Canis Majoris last week, about a 1 or 2 hour trip. I made 4 or 5 neutron star boosts, and set my personal record max jump distance, of 224LY. I fully tagged 2 completely undiscovered systems on that trip. Found a pair of ringed binary planets orbiting a fantastic purple star, so close that I was still fuel scooping as I flew down to land on the surface. And the Supergiant star destination was completely worth the trip.

    Strangely, I consider this the least committal aspect of Elite. From my perspective, the curve to get up to speed on Combat seems very steep, something bigger than I will probably ever undertake. (By this I mean, fully unlocking the Corvette/Cutter, all the engineers... I only have 3 of them unlocked... plus the rolls to get competitive stuff.)

    The exploration seems so much more approachable, for me. I crossed the galaxy on the Distant Worlds expedition with only a basic Asp Explorer build, and $2 million credits in cash. Granted, that took me 3 or 4 months. But it was also more than 1 year ago now, IIRC. And during that year of still playing (all in the bubble) I've not accomplished anything worth mentioning, really. Just puttering around doing stuff.

    I'd recommend heading in toward the core, or out toward the edge more. Also, once you get out to a place to "explore" switch to using the economy jumps. Tons of tiny hops, catching every possible system, with minimal (practically zero) time spent on fuel scooping needs.

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    If you spend 13 hours traveling and not finding any undiscovered systems, then you are doing something very, very, very, wrong.

    Once you get 2000 ly out or so from the bubble, don't care how "popular" the route may be, it is extreemly rare to find another discovered system outside of a nebula or blackhole.

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    i like neutron stars

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    Originally Posted by Attomskk View Post (Source)
    I did that once and got made out to be a criminal....

    ( honestly tho, i can't say I wouldn't have sold/delivered them to the highest bidder...)
    Escape pods are now legal salvage, so no issues that way anymore.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Ellegon View Post (Source)
    Escape pods are now legal salvage, so no issues that way anymore.
    .thank you for the info friend..


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    Originally Posted by Stupid_hippy View Post (Source)
    Those firsts Jenner and me picked up tonight in that other thread were only 1200 ly from Shinrarta.

    Such a tiny % of the galaxy is tagged,they're everywhere.
    That's true! There are obviously still undiscovered systems close to the bubble, although I do admit that most of the nebula I visited were all claimed.

    Still, from what I've been told there are plenty of things to put your name on rather near by so long as you strike out in a direction that most others do not.

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    Originally Posted by Ralph Vargr View Post (Source)
    Quite seriously, I've been on for 13 hours or so, and I'm getting more than a little frustrated.

    There is no casual aspect to this game. You have to be time-rich, to play it.

    What scares me is that the time commitments, for the non-combat player, are going to drive new customers off.

    Elite does not have a new car smell any more. It smells (inside) like every space geek has tried it at least once.

    That GenCon/ComicCon smell.

    The ship needs a thorough decontam.
    I am very casual, twice a week for a few hours and seem to have no issues playing when exploring or doing any other activity. I have a ton of first discovered by as well. What exactly is the issue?

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    i went out only 2k ly and had 13 firsts it really is just going to nowhere. a place why would anyone go to then if you keep seeing names go ether above or blow the ring.

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    The game has to be like it is or it would die a quick death when all was discovered, or when nothing was discovered (resets). If you are just now getting into the game, for example, you'd feel like you dropped into an active environment that was active long before you go there, because things are already labeled as being discovered. However if you travel some, you get to be the one to stamp that celestial body with the knowledge that anyone who passes through will say "him again". That has some draw to it. Imagine getting into the game and nothing is discovered. There would be no novelty to it, because all the 1st comers are discovering everything they scan. You'd have to get in after a year or so to get the feeling that you're finding hidden gems. It seems that's what this game is about now, especially exploring - finding those rarities that make the trip worth it, and not just visually. Someday a system you discovered might become inhabited.

    I can go just 1K outside the bubble and find undiscovered systems. Once you find one, you can try in each direction from that one with an economic route and likely find a path of undiscovered systems that has been ignored due to fastest route or even economy from a more common point which shifts the system LY span just enough to have all new materials.

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    Well, I did the ruins quest run ( got the 210m, I am probably one of the last lucky one ), followed the well published walk through on Reddit, so I guess I did follow one of the most heavily trafiqued road, on the way back and forth, I found around 20 non registered planets ( including some nice mineral rich ) and a couple of stars, so I can say there is still plenty around, used a non optimized aspx ( range in the 34 ) so maybe that's why. You seem very unlucky

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    Originally Posted by Ralph Vargr View Post (Source)
    I've gone up and down the Z axis, 8's around a point, random walks determined by dice, alternating economic routes with random jumps...

    Nothing compares with the guys stealing nebula's from each other, on the outer spiral arms. They must have low berths, or something, to alter personal time perception.

    I don't drink, so I cannot resort to that solace.

    1%'/rs, enjoy your dominance, You. Have. Won.

    Nyet, my good Lizard. Because it requires human lifetimes to accomplish. Count every grain of sand in the Sahara, the 1% guys will never admit all the good stuff has been taken.
    I am doing the Guardians mission with a friend and there have been heaps of systems complete uncharged, including Terraformable water worlds and that is still with 1000 light years of Sol.

    reading the later posts by you I regret replying, nice attitude, wonderful person...

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    If you go out far enough it's all undiscovered.
    At Sag A*,one of the most popular destinations,due to the star density,there are vast swathes of undiscovered systems.

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    Currently out in Skaudai doing an area search for Ancient Ruins and there are an annoying number of undiscovered systems - each new one adds to the number of systems I have to search (First world problems!)

    Anyway OP: You do know you have a Frame Shift Drive (FSD) and can leave the starter system - right (Good look on your first discovery!)

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    At 800+ lightyears in any direction but going directly to a galactic POI, space is completely undiscovered. Maybe you win the jackpot and find an already discovered one sometimes out in the black. I did roughly 50.000 scans in the last 30 months... guess how many times my name is on the map... and it is never a problem to find completely undiscovered space. On my last tour, i scanned 132 undiscovered neutron stars, only 5 jumps away from the galactic core and there are thousands more... You just have to look. It is that easy.

    Maybe this will help you

    1 - equip a detailed surface scanner, or no name will be appearing, even if you are first
    2 - go out further than a handful of lightyears (you can reach any point in the galaxy within 16 hours of flight)
    3 - go out there as an explorer (be curious, take detours, keep an eye on the map, fly with a full tank)

    Good luck and Godspeed!


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    You want guaranteed 99% firsts 400ly from the the bubble, guaranteed?

    Filter your route to red dwarfs.

    Sure, most are nothing but icy bodies and the occasional gas giant. But it's real easy finding the nice stuff and people almost always just ignore them but if there's any terraformables you can just park while scopping and point your nose at anything interesting - everything is in scanning range.

    And they make up 70% of stars in the galaxy, so even right next to the bubble there's tons of undiscovered ones.

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